Vegan brand Violife is rolling out bulk packages of its signature vegan cheese across select Costco locations. The plant-based cheese company’s dairy-free mozzarella, cheddar, and Colby jack shreds and slices are slated to debut at locations across the United States including the Northwest, Midwest, Hawaii, and California regions. The partnership aims to bring plant-based cheese to a larger consumer base, presenting an affordable plant-based option.

“We’re very excited to continue expanding our plant-based cheese offerings in Costco stores,” Violife General Manager Andy Reichgut told VegNews. “Violife is the fastest growing and leading vegan cheese brand in the US because our delicious vegan cheeses melt, cook, and taste like dairy cheese. By partnering with Costco, we are able to introduce Violife products to more consumers whether they are vegan or just looking to add more plant-based foods into their favorite recipes or diet.”

For the limited-time offer, the bulk Violife packages will be available at 30 locations in the Northwest states including Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon, coming in 1.65-pound packages for $8.99. Violife’s Epic Mature cheddar slices will be available at 30 locations in Los Angeles and Hawaii, sold in two 15 slice reclosable packages for $9.49. The Midwestern states including Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky, South Dakota, and North Dakota will feature the ViolifeCheddar shreds at 93 locations.

The vegan brand plans to expand its Costco distribution further later this fall, stocking the Midwest locations with Violife Colby Jack Shreds. The brand’s limited-time offer coincides with its efforts to expand its market presence worldwide, especially within the United States’ growing plant-based industry.

Violife–originally founded in Thessalonica, Greece during the 1990s–is now available worldwide in more than 50 countries. The brand began its widespread distribution stateside in 2018 and has since become one of the forerunners of the vegan cheese market. Violife initially began distributing its products in the US at Whole Foods Markets, but now can be found at other retailers. Violife’s vegan cheese is the company’s signature product, but it also developed other dairy alternatives such as its new Vioblock vegan butter in the UK.

“With dairy alternatives out-growing the dairy sector by almost three to one, yet representing only five percent of the total dairy sector, there is sizable headroom for growth of the dairy alternatives sector and expansion for Violife beyond the dairy alternative to cheese category,” UK Marketing Manager for Violife Bianca Harris said. “Whether flexitarian, vegan, or vegetarian, we look forward to introducing supporters of the brand to an expanded product range in the future.”

Costco continues to expand its plant-based offerings, partnering with several plant-based companies over recent years to distribute bulk products. The supermarket chain now features bulk packages of Beyond Sausages, Burger Burgers, and Beyond Meatballs as well as Ripple pea-based milk, JUST Egg plant-based liquid egg substitute, and Daiya cheese shreds.

Earlier this year, Field Roast debuted its first bulk package of its Classic Plant-based Nuggets at Costco. Alongside the company’s release, Alpha Foods also brought vegan chicken patties to Costco stores across Los Angeles, Texas, Hawaii, and the Southeast.

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