Chloe Coscarelli, the chef, cookbook author, and co-founder of by CHLOE., a restaurant chain famous for its plant-based versions of fast-food staples, announced that after a lengthy legal battle with her former co-partner, the judge has ruled in her favor, restoring her with 50% ownership of the company.

Coscarelli shared the details of her legal battle in an Instagram post. She explains the saga: “Less than a year after we opened, I was viciously pushed out of the company I founded by my business partner and have been involved in a brutal legal battle ever since.⁣ While your Guac Burger may have been served in packaging that bore my name throughout the years, “By Chloe" hasn't been by Chloe since nearly its inception. But after more than four years of fighting for what I knew was right earlier this month, I finally won. A judge issued an 87-page ruling in my favor, and I regained my membership in the company I created—proof that passion, truth, and perseverance will always be ingredients for success.”

Before co-founding by CHLOE., Coscarelli starred on the reality show "Cupcake Wars," where she made history as the first vegan chef to win a culinary competition. After leaving By Chloe, she opened The Vegan Cafe, a vegan bakery, allowing her to return to her first passion: Creating delicious desserts that just happened to be plant-based. She hasn’t only been making sweet treats during her time away from By Chloe but has been cooking up savory creations as well. Coscarelli shared her talent for making plant-based versions of non-vegan classics teaming up with Whole Foods to offer a prepared Thanksgiving meal for two at their stores.

Despite the success of her legal victory, Coscarelli’s battle for her restaurant isn’t over yet. She recently learned that by CHLOE. filed for bankruptcy and said she’s “exploring options with others to make a bid for the company in the bankruptcy proceedings.” If you just so happen to be an investor looking for the chance to break into the booming plant-based market, now’s your opportunity to help secure the brand’s future and everybody’s favorite Guac Burger.

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