What do you do to get attention for your new mock "chicken" nuggets, especially if you want the people trying them not to be able to tell the difference between the plant-based version and the real thing? You hire an Ed Sheeran lookalike to promote the brand by handing out 7,000 faux nuggets.

Then you see if fans are: (1) Pissed that you tried to fool them; (2) Disappointed that this isn't their favorite singer; or (3) Delighted that the food tastes so good that they forgive you for not producing the real Ed Sheeran.


The stunt worked so well that hundreds of fans showed up. TMZ reported on the event and the Sheeran doppelganger got photographed by dozens of social-posting star-struck fans.

Without going too meta into the musician's work and whether Ed Sheeran knock-off songs are as satisfying as the real thing, we were more curious about the taste and delight factor of the plant-based chicken, made by vegan meat brand THIS, which launched in 220 Waitrose stores in the UK. Here is what the fans said about both the mock poultry and the mock star. Check out Plant Based News, a UK publication, for the full story.

Just to be sure you don't feel too bad for the crowd when the organizers told them it wasn't the real Ed Sheeran and it wasn't real chicken, they were shocked at both facts. Stunt: successful. And no private planes were hired in the making of the video since the Ed Sheeran lookalike biked over to do the assignment.

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