The next time you’re in Whole Foods, you might notice a new butter sitting in the refrigerated section. Califia Farms just dropped its very own Sea Salt Plant Butter and we can't contain our excitement.

Califia Farms is universally loved by both vegans and non-vegans for its delicious almond and oat milk, as well as creamers. The latest addition to the Califia Farms lineup is cultured with nutritional yeast and made out of cashews, tiger nuts, and coconut oil. Tiger nuts may be an unfamiliar ingredient in vegan butter, but for those scratching their heads, it's as small as chickpea and tastes similar to coconut. Tiger nuts are even known to improve digestion and boost your immune system function.

Califia Farms
Califia Farms

You can find the Califia's butter made with two different bases: Avocado or olive oil. The plant-based butter is also free of palm oil, canola oil, soy lactose and trans fat.

According to a press release, the plant-based beverage and food company received a whopping $225 million from investors in January, a milestone in the natural food sector. Califia Farms has been putting this money to good use by expanding its products line into releasing new products such as this plant butter.

Califia Farms is taking steps to expand into other areas outside of beverages while recognizing the increase in popularity of plant butter. It isn't the only company responding to the demand for plant-based butter.  Country Crock, which is owned by Upfield, released a plant-based butter this past Fall. Mainstream food makers are joining companies, like Miyokos, who have been leading the way in the plant-based industry.

Califia Farms continues to turn out winning products, like our personal favorite, almond milk and nitro lattes with oat milk. We're sure that its latest addition of plant-based butter will be added to our list of Califia Farms products we love.


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