Breyers Adds Two New Dairy-Free Flavors to Vegan Lineup

|Updated Jan 11, 2021

By mid-January, many of us may find ourselves faltering with New Years' resolutions, but there’s no need for ice cream lovers to break with their plant-based diets thanks to Breyers. The frozen treat company is adding two brand new flavors to its quickly growing non-dairy selection. The company has already debuted two non-dairy flavors for plant-based indulgence: Vanilla peanut butter and Oreo, but will now be providing ice cream traditionalists with two new non-dairy alternatives.

Breyers Adds Two New Dairy-Free Flavors to Vegan Line

Breyers is rolling out its Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice creams just as parent company Unilever looks to expand its options in the plant-based market. The two flavors will give ice cream chocoholics a chance to maintain their dairy-free diets beyond just the first month of the year.

Breyers’ movement to satisfy everyone’s not-so-guilty pleasures comes from Unilever’s greater push towards plant-based flavors. Starting in 2017, Unilever vice-president Russel Lilly decided to take the company into more modern territory, saying, “Unilever’s ice cream portfolio includes iconic and beloved brands. When creating new products, we look at key trends and what consumers want in their treats to ensure we’re creating innovative flavors and expanding the variety of product shapes and sizes that our fans will love.”

Parent Company Unilever is Making the Push for Plant-Based

Unilever is stocking the shelves with fresh, new plant-based ice cream flavors. Over the last couple of years, the company’s kept up with the growing demand for non-dairy options. They’ve pushed each of their satellite companies into the non-dairy market, including Ben & Jerry’s, Talenti, Magnum, and seconds for Breyers. Instead of feeling loyal to just one non-dairy brand, these almond milk ice creams can give sweet tooths something new each night.

If you need a delicious treat without the dairy, the freezer aisle is filling up fast with new and exciting options. Whether it’s some of the crazier flavors like Talenti’s Peanut Butter Fudge Sorbetto or Breyers’ more traditional Chocolate Chocolate Chip, there’s a spoonful for everyone without sacrificing your plant-based resolution.