If you're thinking of buying a new car, you may want to consider waiting until next year. BMW, the luxury German car company, expects to launch a luxury electric SUV called iNEXT in 2021, which features an interior made with totally vegan material that looks and feels like leather. The car has been "spied" as it was test-driven in Sweeden and rumors point to the car arriving in the UK first, before shipping to other international markets.

The iNEXT is fully equipped with vegan interior and other special features and a slick, modern design. The first unveiling of the sustainable car concept was introduced in September 2018 at the LA Auto Show. Now, BMW has revealed more information that adds them to the list of competitors in the electric car category. The question is, has popular electric luxury maker Tesla met its match in BMW's iNEXT?

UPDATE: In addition to the iNEXT, BMW just announced that the 5-Series cars will now be made with a vegan leather interior called Sensatec leatherette.

Thomas Majchrzak, who is a car journalist, introduced the news on his Instagram: "One step further to combining luxury and sustainability: BMW has listened and introduces animal-free Sensatec leatherette seats with the highest grade and quality so far that even exceeds the feeling, comfort and haptics of animal-based material."

"Perforated and thus passively breathable, quilted structure for the sports seats, soft and plush, yet cruelty free. From now on, most BMW 5-Series worldwide will be sold with this seat (standard in the US), a big win for all animals, humans harmed in tanning process, the environment and for our years long effort to change the industry for the better."

The iNEXT Features New Technology of the Future

Images of the prototype showcased a dark wooden asymmetrical design on the floors and the central console, and a light pink cloth interior with a marbled teal back seat. Interior vehicle features include a wide touchscreen and touch-responsive invisible sensors underneath the wood on the central console. Similar to iPhone or smartphone screens, drivers can pinch and swipe up to change features like the music volume or air temperature. The steering wheel has a polygonal shape, designed to allow drivers to switch between autonomous and active driving modes. BMW claims that the car's "squared-off shape makes it easier to recognize the car’s steering angle."


The company that makes what it calls "The Ultimate Driving Machine," is best known for its 3 Series class, which was the second best-selling luxury car in America in 2017. The next question is, Can the iNEXT be the next best-seller in luxury electric cars? BMW has yet to reveal information about the car's performance and powertrain, but what we do know is that the iNEXT will "be one of the first vehicles on BMW’s new ‘common platform,’ which is capable of supporting petrol, dieselplug-in hybrid and fully-electric powertrains."


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