There are countless reasons to love Billie Eilish, but her devotion to saving the planet is next level. From the moment her mega-hit "Bad Guy' made her a household name, Billie has used her fame to create awareness around the fight against climate change and get her fans to become activists as well, including urging her 42 million followers to go vegan.

Now Billie is grabbing headlines again by giving her fans the chance to win free tickets to her sold-out tour. The process involves educating themselves and spreading the word on social media that they have the power to dial back their environmental impact, such as re-using water bottles and eating less meat.

Eilish is partnering with Global Citizen on the campaign, and if you want to try to win the free concert tickets to her tour in your area, go to the Glocal Citizen site and start earning your chances. We warn you that it is an involved process and you will need to earn points by taking quizzes, signing petitions and tweeting about everything from environmental to humanitarian issues. Once you earn points, however, you can redeem them by entering to win the tickets. Get going.

In case you weren't following the story, check out her video Our House is on Fire, which she made earlier this year with actor Woody Harrelson when the Amazon rain forest was burning out of control. Now she is partnering with Reverb in the effort to gain more supporters for the cause of awareness about climate change and our consumer decisions. Billie has announced that her world tour will have no sales of single-use plastic bottles or plastic straws, and fans will be encouraged to refill their own reusable water bottles at stations throughout the venues.


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