Bill Nye shows with this simple airflow trick how effective masks are. Try your own mask at home. All you need is a lit candle. And, thank you for wearing a maks. Not all masks are equally as effective, however, as Nye demonstrates with a simple air-flow test. When you wear a bandana or thin scarf, try this trick at home to determine whether your mask is protecting others or protecting yourself.

The three things known to help slow or halt the spread of COVID-19 are social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands. Plus The Beet has covered doctors' recommendations that you switch to a plant-based diet high in antioxidants and vitamins, and low or containing no meat products, to help build up a strong immunity and lower inflammation in the body.

Plant-based diets are healthier than meat-based diets, when fighting off viruses, according to T. Colin Campbell and other well-respected medical experts. Eating plant-based, to lose weight and build up your immune system, is the best dietary choice you can make now, according to medical experts who see complications from COVID-19 related to inflammation, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions related to a lack of overall healthy diet.


Why is it so hard to get people across the country to wear masks? We watch and wonder as cases surge across the south and people of all ages are getting COVID-19. In New York, where The Beet is located, we are wearing masks and just saw the lowest day for hospitalizations since March 10th. There are great looking masks out there. Get yours, but do this trick and make sure it works. We've always loved Bill Nye, Science Guy. Now he is helping save lives. Test your mask today.


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