Ben & Jerry’s is well-loved in the plant-based community for its dairy-free ice creams, but its latest launch is the brand's first dessert that can be enjoyed as a frozen treat topping or by itself. The ice cream company just debuted a limited batch of vegan Cinnamon Bun Cookie Dough Chunks, the perfect way to enjoy a midnight snack of cookie dough straight out of the freezer. The treat’s eggless ingredient list is tempting to vegans and non-vegans alike because it's a great way to enjoy cookie dough without the risk of salmonella. 

“We know our fans often dig around the ice cream to get to the chunks. We just made it a little easier by putting them in a bag,” said Ben & Jerry’s Innovation Manager Jody Eley. Ben & Jerry’s also knows that many of these same fans are plant-based, and this new product joins their roster of 17 dairy-free treats like their delicious “Netflix & Chill’d” and socially-conscious “Unfudge Our Future.” 

This frozen cinnamon-y treat is perfect for anyone who is mentally ready for the holidays but is currently still running their AC to beat the heat. These cookie chunks are made using a freezable flour and coconut oil base and mimick that oven-fresh cinnamon bun taste with rich vanilla flavoring. You can find these treats at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops nationwide and participating grocery stores.

Here’s a pro-tip for a very indulgent plant-based dessert: Make an ice cream cookie sandwich using dairy-free ice cream and our vegan cookie recipe, and roll the sides of the cookiewich in the Ben and Jerry's cookie dough chunks. You’re welcome. 

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