For plant-based ice cream fanatics, the options keep getting better, as Ben & Jerry’s continues to stock the frozen aisle shelves with new, inventive offerings. The ice cream giant just dropped its 17th flavor, Karamel Sutra, adding a new flavor to the brand’s Core line. The non-dairy ice cream features a gooey caramel core and sprinkles of chocolate chips to please both caramel and chocolate die-hards alike. The ice cream is almond milk-based and the combination of caramel and chocolate makes for a flavor almost impossible to resist. The company is slowly introducing this new flavor to stores, pricing the new pint in a range from $4.39 to $5.99.

Even if you don’t find Karamel Sutra pint at your local grocer immediately, Ben & Jerry’s line of non-dairy ice creams includes 16 other flavors with everything from familiar classics to new, innovative combinations. The company debuted its first non-dairy ice creams in 2016, launching its relationship with plant-based consumers on a sweet note with four almond milk-based flavors: PB & Cookies, Coffee Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Chunky Monkey.

After initial success, the company amped up that momentum and started to rapid-fire release new flavors. Some familiar favorites within its non-dairy line include Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Cinnamon Buns. The company also most recently rolled out the legendary Phish Food, which includes a gelatin-free marshmallow swirl and fish-shaped bites of fudge nestled in chocolate ice cream.

The company’s non-dairy explosion has led to more than just its almond milk bases, releasing a line of sunflower butter-based ice creams in 2020. The flavors included in this line are “Milk” & Cookies, Mint Chocolate Cookie, and Creme Brulee Cookie.

Ben & Jerry’s parent company, Unilever, recently weighed in on the unbelievable upward trend we are witnessing in terms of plant-based products' popularity. The CEO claimed that the company is seeing an increase in plant-based consumers worldwide. Unilever promoting plant-based products shows that companies are responding to changing consumer demands. Starting with ice cream lovers and leading to the rest of the food industry, plant-based options are growing strong. With this shift, it is obvious that Ben & Jerry will not stop at just 17 flavors, and the aisles will soon be flooded with more delectable, dairy-free frozen indulgences.


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