Bear Grylls’ is known for his ability to survive in the most harrowing of conditions. The Man vs. Wild star showed viewers how to live in the wilderness for five years and seven seasons, so the legendary survivalists' latest enemy comes as a bit of a surprise. Turns out he's got a major aversion to ... vegetables. During a recent interview with GQ, the former vegan revealed that he is anti-vegetable. In a shocking revelation, Grylls told GQ that he’s abandoned his vegetable-exclusive diet for a carnivore one featuring red meat, dairy, and some fruit.

"Super against nuts. And against grains, wheat, and vegetables," Grylls said. "My lunch is meat, eggs and dairy, a lot of butter, and fruit. I have liver probably every other day."

Grylls revealed that he decided to drop his plant-based diet when he caught COVID-19 approximately two years ago. He claims that he got “mega-sore kidneys” when he primarily ate vegetables and drank raw juice. Associating this diet with his declining health, Grylls stated without evidence that raw vegetables are “really not good for you.” He justified this decision by asserting that the human body has evolved to eat meat.

Why Bear Grylls’ Latest Survival Tip Misses the Mark

Grylls’ claims that humans have evolved to eat red meat are debunked by a growing portfolio of research. Examining 1.4 million meat-eaters, one study published last July found that regularly eating red or processed meats increased the risk of heart disease by 18 percent. With heart disease affecting approximately 48 percent of the American population, concerns regarding meat consumption continue to rise nationwide.

Eating partially plant-based is proven to help consumers stay healthy for longer, rather than the carnivore diet championed by Grylls. Last August, one study found that the earlier you incorporate a plant-centered diet, the more likely you are to lower your risk of heart disease nearly 30 years later. Tracking the dietary habit of 5,000 people between 1985 and 2018 revealed how positive a predominantly plant-based diet is for longevity.

Despite Grylls’ reputation for survival instincts, the carnivore diet presents serious risks to longevity. This February, a study in the PLOS Medicine Journal found that a mostly plant-based diet can prolong life expectancy by over 10 years. This study emphasized that regular meat and dairy consumption can lead to fatal diseases including cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Joe Rogan Recently Endorsed the Carnivore Diet

Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan also advocates for a carnivore diet. Recently, Rogan revealed that he cut out vegetables from his diet in favor of an exclusive meat diet. This happened nearly three years after the host invited The Game Changers producer James Wilks on his show to debate Paleo advocate Chris Kresser. During the interview, Rogan admitted that he was impressed with Wilks’ evidence for the plant-based diet, stating that he considered taking down his original critical review of the film.

“[James Wilks] one of the producers of The Game Changers came on to challenge some of the criticism that Chris Kresser presented about the movie, and to say he did well would be a tremendous understatement.” Rogan wrote on Instagram at the time. “James knocked it out of the park and defended himself and the film quite spectacularly. So much so that I’m actually considering taking the original breakdown of the film offline.”

Grylls’ and Rogans’ affinity for the carnivore diet potentially deprives them and other dieters of essential plant-based nutrients like polyphenols and fiber. Red meat consumption can also lead to inflammation, slow recovery times, and difficulty losing weight. Although a significant source of protein, the carnivore diet excludes a significant amount of important nutrients.

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