It's like a vegan April Fools Joke: Researchers find a new seaweed that tastes just like bacon but is healthier than kale. Right.

And we found a guy as handsome as People's Sexiest Man Alive John Legend but who is funny, sweet, talented, thoughtful, loves his mother, wife and daughter. And cares what the women in his life have to say. Actually, that is all true -- about John Legend, and the bacon like seaweed.

Who doesn't want to try a healthy alternative to bacon that grows in the Pacific Ocean, or the lab, that one day will make your BLT a healthy vegan snack?

Researchers at Oregon State have patented a new strain of marine algae that tastes like bacon when it's cooked. It looks more like a translucent red lettuce, but it has double the nutritional value of kale, so will  likely be a big hit when it finally makes it to market. Read more about it in The Independent. 

"This stuff is pretty amazing,"Oregon State researcher Chris Langdon told interviewers. "When you fry it, which I have done, it tastes like bacon, not seaweed. And it's a pretty strong bacon flavor."


Langdon's team started growing the new strain as a potential food source for edible sea snails, or abalone, a very popular food in many parts of Asia. Right now there is red algae growing in the US but a different strain, and not designed for human consumption. the next step is that the university's MBA students are working to develop a marketing plan for a new line of specialty foods based on the seaweed bacon product.

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