The first completely plant-based Burger King will make its heavily anticipated debut this summer in Germany. The fast-food chain has acted as a pioneer for plant-based menu items across the world, and now the brand is taking its dedication to plant-based service to another level. The first plant-based Burger King will launch in Cologne, Germany for a limited time, working with Dutch plant-based meat company The Vegetarian Butcher to release the fully vegan menu.

The vegan Burger King is slated to open just four days, from June 7th until June 11th, hoping to cater to all Burger King and fast-food fans. The menu is expected to include the chain’s signature alternative meats from plant-based nuggets to the Whopper. With the launch, Burger King will roll out its brand new plant-based Long Chicken Patty sandwich topped with shredded lettuce and a brand new vegan mayo. Other than the vegan mayo, it is unclear if the brand will also develop dairy-free cheese and vegan condiments for the short-term restaurant.

Following the restaurant's opening, Burger King will host an event so that customers can mingle with the heads of Burger King Germany. The Burger King Germany administration is set to answers questions and concerns about Burger King’s plant-based plans and current range. Although a date hasn’t been set for the event, virtual attendance will be available for those who cannot attend in Germany.

Burger King has worked with the Vegetarian Butcher in recent years to develop new plant-based menu items that now range across 25 countries. The partnership is responsible for China’s Plant-Based Whopper, Mexico’s Whopper Vegetal, and the UK’s Vegan Chicken Royale. Beyond the vegan chicken sandwich, Burger King UK has expanded its plant-based menu faster than any other regional section of the company. In January, the company revealed the Rebel Whopper – complete with vegan mayo and a plant-based patty – from The Vegetarian Butcher.

“So far, we have not found a way to capture the iconic flame-grilled taste of the Whopper, whilst also ensuring there is no cross-contamination of plant-based and meat products,” a Burger King representative told LiveKindly. “However, we’ll always continue to try and find flavorful solutions to our cooking methods, which appeal to as many of our guests as possible.”

Burger King UK’s CEO Alasdair Murdoch announced earlier this year that he hopes to transition Burger King UK to be 50 percent plant-based within the next decade. The brand continues to make accelerated moves to adopt a vegan menu. Germany’s plant-based trail signals that the company worldwide is making efforts to change its food structure but fast food in general. Burger King US is making some progress, so check out The Beet’s vegan guide to eating your BK favorites.


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