Three cheers for Bear Blu! If you ask Alicia Silverstone, one of the main factors contributing to her 9-year-old son’s excellent behavior is his plant-based diet. “I can tell you that from the get-go, I think of him as a brown rice baby because I ate brown rice when he was conceived, when he was in my belly and when he was on my boob, and now he eats brown rice,” said  Silverstone last month via the virtual #BlogHer20 Healthy at Home event, per Us Weekly. “The centering, grounding energy of that nourishment in his organs has left him such a calm boy.”

And it’s not just in utero TLC that has contributed to Bear Blu being such a stellar kid. These days, when he’s not posing with mama to recreate an iconic PETA campaign of Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda, you can find him enjoying vegan foods like kale, bread, avocados, and tomatoes, to name a few of his favorites.


Silverstone, too, believes this has positively shaped Bear Blu’s character, molding him into the wonderful youngster he is today. In the same #BlogHer20 summit, Silverstone expressed that Bear Blu possesses “more energy than anything,” but noted that his “centeredness” endures, which she believes is in no small part thanks to the plant-based diet he adheres to. “I don’t have to yell or scream or discipline. None of that is necessary,” she continued.

Later on, Silverstone also explains how being a vegan has helped her out as a parent. “If I don’t eat well, I don’t sleep well, and if I don’t sleep well, I’m a grumpy mama. Whereas if I’ve eaten well and I sleep well, everything’s a joy... that’s all food,” she commented. What’s more, her plant-based lifestyle has allowed her to be “more present and available” for her son, which in turn nurtures his emotional growth, as well as her own.
Thinking about adopting a vegan lifestyle yourself? Here are 7 ways you’ll feel better after going plant-based, from energy to mood. Perhaps it’s high time we add “you’ll be a better parent” to the list for all these vegan mamas and papas out there. Hey, if carrots and hummus put us on the path to Dr. Spock-level enlightenment, we’ll take all the carotenoids and chickpeas we can get.

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