In a rare "first-person" moment, actress, author, and animal rights activist Alicia Silverstone and her  8-year-old son Bear Blu open up about living the vegan lifestyle. And as a tribute, they recreate a nearly-30-year-old iconic photograph Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda made for a PETA campaign. The video is charming, shot in what appears to be Silverstone's back yard.

It’s always a good feeling when we obtain more insight into our favorite vegan celebrities. One such luminary is Alicia Silverstone, who has long used her voice as a celebrity advocate to further the causes of animal rights.

In this campaign, Silverstone and Bear give fans a peek into their plant-based lifestyle, their love for animals, and more. This time around, for an updated message, Silverstone’s shirt reads “Go Vegan” to urge people to stop eating animal products.

Bear kicks off their enlightening conversation by sharing with his mom, “The best lesson that you’ve taught me is to be kind because, since you give me so much love, it teaches me stuff.”

When Bear poses a question back to mama, inquiring what animal she would be if she could be any creature, Silverstone explains why she’d want to be man’s best friend.

“I guess a dog because they’re so loved,” says Silverstone. “But I would like to be a cow or a pig but they don’t have such good lives.”

“I would like to be a pig if I were at The Gentle Barn, but not at the factory [slaughterhouse],” Bear wisely replies, referencing a Los Angeles animal sanctuary.

The conversation then shifts to what foods Silverstone couldn’t live without and her answers are ones we can clearly get behind: “Sourdough bread with tomatoes and Miyoko's butter, and salt and pepper.”

“Lemon, bread, kale, avocados, and tomatoes,” her son adds to mom’s list. (Have you tried our Roasted Chickpea and Kale Salad, Bear?)

Next, Silverstone jumps in with her admiration of Paul McCartney and all his work for the vegan community. “Paul McCartney is obviously an amazing artist, I’ve been lucky enough to be an activist alongside him for the last 25 years and he’s just an incredible man, an incredible heart,” she offers. “I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet his beautiful wife Linda, but doing anything in his honor is extraordinary.”

The mother-son conversation ends on a poignant note when Silverstone prompts, “If you had one wish of how you could make change, what would it be?”

“Try to be as plant-based as you can, use products that people don’t test animals on,” Bear responds, before the eight-year-old in him kicks in and exclaims, “That’s a wrap!”

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