During these tumultuous times, we’re all looking to support Black-owned businesses across the country. And here at The Beet, you don’t have to tell us twice to patronize Black-owned vegan eateries.

"We've seen interest in vegan food steadily rising over the past few years. In fact, over the last two years, we saw a 140% increase in mentions of the term ‘plant-based’ in reviews on Yelp. As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to grow, we're also seeing that consumers want to support the BIPOC community, and Black-owned vegan restaurants serving affordable and healthy options are quickly gaining interest,” Yelp trend expert, Tara Lewis, shares with The Beet.

Yelp Reveals Top Black-Owned Vegan Eateries

And the numbers confirm the explosive interest in Black-owned dining: From May 25th to July 10th, there have been more than 2,500,000 searches for Black-owned businesses on Yelp, compared to approximately 35,000 over the same time period last year. If you’re counting, that’s 7,043% increase, year over year.

So when it comes to plant-based eating, what are some of the best of the Black-owned offerings? As Yelp’s recent blog post on the topic of highly rated Black-owned vegan eateries across North America shows, there’s no shortage of tantalizing options. On their roundup of 19 such restaurants, there are some recognizable favorites like Sol Sips in Brooklyn and Vegan Mob in Oakland, California. But we are also excited to see some haunts we’re yet to feast at yet like Urban Fresh in Tucson and Fire & Spice Vegan Restaurant in Hartford. It’s also safe to say that when the time is right, we’ll be planning a trip to Refocused Vegan in Baltimore and Ethiopian Cottage Restaurant in Milwaukee.

Well, check out the selections for yourself and read the full list here.
For more on how to use your purchasing power to help Black-owned businesses, check out seven Black-owned businesses to support now and every day and check out this tool that lets you find Black-owned vegan companies across the U.S.

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