In the last few years, drugstores like CVS have been adding more healthy groceries to their shelves. With nearly 10,000 locations nationwide, CVS is an easy place to stop for a quick snack as you're picking up your everyday items, and the retailer (which stopped selling cigarettes four years ago) has added many more healthy options to its offerings, perhaps because it has prioritized health in the years since it bought health insurance company Aetna. Now you can find a week's worth of healthy plant-based foods: Nuts, dried fruits, plant-based bars, drinks, and meals, so we decided to taste test some of the more surprising offerings.

We tried out some surprising healthy, plant-based snacks sold at CVS

From instant ramen noodles to frozen meatless meatballs, CVS’s offerings run the gamut in terms of plant-based options. I grabbed 10 vegan-friendly snacks that I’ve never tried before to test them out for you. It’s safe to say that eating a plant-based diet is getting easier and that you really can find healthful options everywhere. Here are 10 delicious, nutrient-packed snacks that you can find on CVS shelves that are all 100 percent vegan.

1. Soylent Drink, $4.49

Soylent is a plant-based meal replacement drink that's packed with both macro and micronutrients. The flavor and creamy consistency are really nice, and unlike other meal replacements on the market, these drinks are actually really tasty. This shakeable beverage will provide all that you need to feel satisfied and energized, especially when you don’t have time to sit down and eat a full meal.

2. Gutzy Fruit & Vegetable Snack, $2.19

These high-fiber snacks are great on the go. Filled with vitamins and clean ingredients, these little packages pack quite a nutritious punch. With a similar consistency to apple sauce and a convenient squeeze-and-eat pouch, they are the perfect pick-me-up for on-the-go snacking.

3. So Delicious Dairy-Free Yogurt, $2.29

Dairy-free yogurt is a no-brainer when it comes to a plant-based meal or snack. It’s one of those easy transition foods that is an easy and approachable swap from its dairy counterpart. So Delicious's strawberry banana flavor is really tasty and fruity. It was even more delicious with the freeze-dried banana topping, but you could add granola, nuts, hemp seeds, or any other topping for an extra boost.


4. Abound Freeze-Dried Bananas, $4.99

Freeze-dried bananas are a great snack filled with fiber. Although they are a bit high in sugar, it’s all-natural sugar. The banana sugars concentrate in the freeze-drying process, which is why they retain their flavor and keep the sweetness you love from bananas.

They are crispy, which is so satisfying. I love snacking on them, as is, or adding them to smoothies or yogurt to bump up the flavor.

5. Matt’s Munchies Island Mango Fruit Snack, $2.67

These all-natural fruit snacks are delightfully tangy, and unlike most fruit leathers, Matt’s Munchies are laid out on wax paper, in little discs. You get a ton of bite-sized discs for only 90 calories. They are just the thing to curb your afternoon cravings, naturally.

6. Oh Snap! Carrot Cuties, $1.69

These carrot pickles are super crunchy and satisfying for those that prefer savory snacks to sweet ones. They are low in calories and sugar, which is great for people that are trying to watch those things. My favorite thing about these carrot pickles was that they didn’t have any extra brine in the bag. What’s better than a yummy snack? A yummy snack that doesn’t make a mess!

7. Sabra Snackers Roasted Garlic Hummus & Pretzels, $2.89

The pretzel and dip duo comes in a cup with a small container of hummus. The pretzel crisps are small and very sturdy, which you'll appreciate when dipping. They are the perfect size to pop in your mouth on the go or at your desk.

The combo will definitely leave you feeling satisfied on their own, but make for a great snacking lunch paired with the Oh! Snap Carrot Cuties.

8. Siete 'Dairy Free Nacho’ Grain Free Tortilla Chips, $3.99

Siete tortilla chips are grain-free and cooked in avocado oil, making them a healthier alternative to many other chips on the market. The nacho flavor is more subtle than some I’ve tried in the past, but it’s just flavorful enough to keep you reaching for more. I love the texture of these chips, but note that they are definitely more delicate than a standard tortilla chip.


9. Abound Chipotle Bowl, $3.99

For a heat-and-eat meal option that’s less than five dollars, this chipotle bowl is really impressive. In 60 seconds, you have a hot, well-seasoned, complete meal of rice, beans, and veggies. This particular bowl was really spicy, which I enjoyed. If you are sensitive to spice, one of the mild selections would be better. When they say ’hot,’ they mean it!


10. Kind Frozen Plant-Based Ice Cream, $7.49

Kind Snacks' Frozen line is definitely making a name for itself in the freezer aisle. I love chocolate and peanut butter and this flavor delivered big on both. Once I tempered the ice cream, the consistency was super creamy and very chocolatey. The peanut butter ribbons added real peanut butter flavor and a nice texture. I really liked this one.

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