Here is the perfect opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to tasty plant-based food: Bring them to a Veggie Grill, Más Veggies, or Stand-Up Burgers on April 25, 2022, for a free meal.

The plant-based quick-service restaurant network, which is now collectively over 30 locations nationwide, is hosting what it calls “Rookie Day,” which encourages customers to bring in a first-timer, a.k.a. “rookie,” to receive a BOGO meal—available in-store, at all locations.

“Bring a friend in who is a plant-based novice and show them how delicious plant-based food can be, and it’s on us,” Veggie Grill Chairman and Founder T.K. Pillan said during an Instagram Live to talk about Earth Month and the company’s initiative. “Everyone out there can be their own environmental activist one meal, and one person at a time. If we all do that and work together, we can keep accelerating the shift.”

Veggie Grill is helping to accelerate the shift in another big way. Beyond the “Rookie Day” on April 25, 2022, during all of April’s Earth Month, the company is donating a portion of proceeds from every Veggie Grill VG Classic Burger sold to Grades of Green, a nonprofit that provides youth with the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure a green future and make a positive impact on the environment. Each donation will be giving youth access to educational pathway programs, leadership-building skills, mentorship, and more. Veggie Grill’s other, restaurant brands will be participating as well: Stand-Up Burgers will be giving back to Grades of Green by donating a portion of proceeds from every OG Burger sold. And, Más Veggies will be donating a portion of proceeds from every Taco 6-pack sold.

“Supporting Grades of Greens, and their great work, is really synergistic,” Pillan said. “We are here to inspire people to begin and advance their plant-based journey, and that goes hand in hand with being an environmental steward.”

Veggie Grill started in 2006 with its first location in Irvine, Calif., and is now one of the fastest-growing quick-service plant-based restaurant chains in the country with over 30 locations. Following Veggie Grill’s success, it subsequently launched Más Veggies in early 2021, a ghost kitchen Mexican food concept serving up tacos and other delights from Veggie Grill kitchens. Stand-Up Burgers is its latest eatery, with three locations currently, and a fourth set to open in Culver City, Calif. later this year.

You can use the Veggie GrillMás Veggies, and Stand-Up Burgers locator tools to find a location near you.

If you're in New York City, check out Plantega, giving away free food on April 22.

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