What The Health, a documentary chronicling the dangers of meat and dairy-heavy diets, captured the attention of viewers across the world and convinced many to make the switch and become plant-based or vegan (myself included). Now, the co-director that brought you What the Health and Cowspiracy is shining a light on racial and food injustice, at a time when racial disparities are driving the conversation in the US. They're Trying to Kill Us by Keegan Kuhn and John Lewis is a documentary that focuses on "connecting the dots between diet, disease, poverty, systemic racism and industry collusion."

The trailer features notable vegans like Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Dr. Michael Greger as well as celebrities like Maggie Q, Raury, Mya, John Salley, Dame Dash, Ne-Yo and more. It highlights the systemic racism that has brought a disproportionate amount of fast food and alcohol into underserved communities, which ultimately causes death and disease. In the three-minute teaser trailer, Dr. Greger explains that "The alcohol industry, fast-food industries, tobacco industries target communities of color."

The website for They're Trying to Kill Us gives background to the goal behind this film, which is four years in the making and slated to be released later this year. "The aim of the film is to encourage critical thought about justice by highlighting Hip Hop artists and activists who speak about injustice in all its forms. The film addresses food access and food deserts, nutritional and environmental racism, diet-related diseases, racial disparities of disease, government corruption, animal cruelty, climate change and ultimately how the influence of Hip Hop will save the world."

"Hungry for Justice" is the documentary's tagline

At the close of the trailer, Directors Kuhn and Lewis come on screen to explain that they've labored over this message for four years, but need additional support if they're going to be able to release the film to the public. Kuhn explains, "Despite the tremendous success of my previous films What The Health and Cowspiracy, I believe They're Trying to Kill Us is too controversial for most mainstream outlets, so we're asking for your support in getting this film out to the world."

Lewis echoes this sentiment, saying, "We need your help to fund this film and distribute it to the wider world, who needs to hear this message." They're Trying to Kill Us has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $54,000 required to do PR, get the movie to theaters, raise awareness of the film, and cover any legal counsel that may be required.

The Indigogo campaign explains this legal counsel may be necessary, but the directors believe this movie is worth making despite any potential backlash: "The risk of exposing these industries to the world is great, but being kept silent while millions of people die every year is an even greatest risk that simply is not an option, and that is why we are all joining together to show the world the truth."

For updates on They're Trying to Kill Us, follow the film's Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

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