Adidas, one of the most best-loved sportswear brands in the world, has just transformed some of its most iconic sneakers and made them accessible to a segment of customers who couldn't previously purchase them. By removing all animal materials from two of their classic shoes, these Adidas designs can now be worn by vegans, and anyone else who doesn't feel it is ethical to buy an item comprised of the leathers and suedes typical in performance shoes.

The Vegan Samba by Adidas

Called the "Our Icons Go Vegan", the brand is launching the line by releasing two sneakers today, June 9th, which both retail for $80. The Samba and the Continental 80 are both made of a recycled polyester material coated in PU rather than with animal materials. In the Samba's description, the sportswear giant describes, "A step in the right direction. The Adidas Samba shoes are no stranger to covering expansive ground. With the same look and feel as the original style, this version advocates for a better future with an entirely vegan design. The signature T-toe keeps them rooted in the soccer fields of the past."

The Vegan Continental 80s from Adidas

Adidas' website touts the revamped Continental 80 as, "The shoe that once found its rhythm in the packed fitness studios of the '80s makes some new moves today. These vegan Adidas shoes completely eliminates the use of animal products. So swap out the bold colors of the '80s and exchange them for a brighter future." In addition to PU and recycled polyester, the Continental 80 also features an EVA foam derived from algae which helps to clean an estimated 30 liters of polluted lake water. The Continental 80 design is available in a range of three different colors.

The one new detail that the Vegan Samba and the Vegan Continental 80 feature is a stamp emblazoned with "Adidas Original Vegan" on the back heel to help customers differentiate between the animal material-free version and the leather original. These two additions to Adidas' range of leather and suede-free options are not its first foray into vegan shoes: The release follows a sustainable collaboration between the brand and vegetarian designer Stella McCartney, which transformed the company's beloved Stan Smith sneaker into a leather-free version. We can't wait to see what other iconic designs Adidas adds to its "Our Icons Go Vegan" collection in the coming months.