If a headache strikes and you just don't love the idea of adding over-the-counter drugs full of chemicals and sugar to your body but are not sure if an herbal remedy will actually knock it out, now there is an herbal formula scientifically proven to work. Whether you are dealing with a sinus headache, a stomach ache, or want to take something natural that will help boost your immunity, now there is Hilma, the line of natural remedies that is formulated to use herbal ingredients proven to work. The company is all-natural, using compounds shown to work in the lab, so whether you are expecting or just don't like to add chemical load to your body, Hilma offers remedies based on science using herbs, flowers, plants, and other all-natural ingredients to bring relief.


Founded by a trio with no deep background in wellness (such as having an MD), they are the legit founders who set out to solve a problem in their own lives: If everything in our lives is changing to be more natural including our food and household cleansers, then why isn't our medicine cabinet reflecting this shift toward using natural ingredients and eshewing chemicals? How can you treat your body's everyday aches and pains with natural herbs, and do it effectively, with science-based ingredients? "All of us had an experience with wellness and we knew the power of herbal remedies, so the first thing we did was to add advisors," including an herbalist, says Lily Galef, one of three co-founders. She and her partners Nina Mullen and Hilary Quartner added a board of advisors to fill in where their experience did not cover what they needed, and  Carry comes up with the formulations.

According to Yale-trained MD, herbalist, midwife, and Hilma scientific advisor Aviva Romm, MD, "supplements are important to fill in the gaps when your healthy habits might fall short." Hilma also hired herbalist Kerry Hughes, an Herbalist with over 20 years of experience in natural product development, among other experts to help create their formulations.

How Hilma creates herbal products with science-backed formulations

Hilma's founders come up with the concepts–so far, the 4 products they want most in their own lives, such as stomach ache soothers and immunity boosters that have zinc, vitamin C, turmeric, and ginger all in one simple pill. Then they let the experts take over and create the formulations based on science. "Once we've landed on the idea we put together a list based on research and each of the advisors reviews that and shares their feedback, and then our herbalist puts together the formulation. Then that gets put through rounds of reviews with advisors," again, explains Galef who serves as Hilma's chief brand officer. The result is an herbal remedy you can trust. Her background may be Art History since she came to launch Hilma after working at Christie's in the Impressionist and modernist department. But she also did stints at Vogue.com, Vox Media, Refinery29 leading their content-partnership strategy and she understands what millennial females want, which is more natural products and less pharmaceutical chemicals in their bodies. Hilma already resonates with millennial female consumers. The natural approach, backed by science, is a popular and powerful combination. It's also why nearly 1 in 4 consumers is turning to more plant-based eating: Natural foods, natural remedies, fewer chemicals (or junk food or medicine) equals a healthy approach, for themselves and their young children.

"OTC products you know are going to work, sure, but you may not like what's in them.  But what more people are looking for are the herbal products that are going to work," Galef says. "You like the message of herbal remedies, but you're not sure you would take them when you are really uncomfortable. When you walk into a big herbal apothecary, you may find lots of items that can be used, but you are just not sure. And so much of the claims they make are not very trustworthy. There are a lot of green crunchy brands that you are not really going to rely on when you are in pain unless you're particularly familiar with that space and know what you're doing," adds Galef. For the rest of us, there is Hilma.


"If you're a busy person and don't have time to do a ton of research and find all the information on herbs and how they work, you're not going to be able to navigate a store full of herbs very well," she adds. "We wanted to create something that was in the middle–between an herbal store and a pharmacy."

Hilma makes a line of products that are all-natural, with no added sugar, color, or chemicals that are not necessary and are often anathema to finding the cure for what ails you, like a stomach ache or headache. To try this clean, simple herbal product, go to Hilma's website. They are also sold on amazon and Urban Outfitter among other retailers.


Other advisors to Hilma include Paul Grewal, MD, co-author of Genius Foods, Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life, and Dr. Claudia Aguirre, who is a neuroscientist and skin expert, specializing in the connection between the mind and the body.

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