So you have taken that step to follow a plant-based diet or maybe you have signed up for the Beet 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge? Congratulations on that major achievement! You should soon see (or are already seeing) major improvements in your overall energy and your skin must be glowing. Now that you are making more conscious food choices, have you already wondered what contained the products we put on your face and body? How they are produced and tested and where the packaging ends up? So many things to think about! However, there was no way I was going to compromise my beauty rituals and luckily there are hundreds of cruelty-free, mindful and efficient beauty products on the market. Here are some ideas on how to have a cruelty-free, mindful and simple beauty morning routine (winter edition).

I start off my routine by rinsing my eyes and mouth with cold water to wake me up and activate blood circulation. I dry off my face, wear my headband to protect my hair and spray rose water on my face as a tonic. I love that step as it helps softening the skin after sleep and prepare it for the products we are going to apply, and let’s be real, the smell is a treat. I like to use the one from Alhambra Lifestyle, it’s a 100% pure and natural, they deliver worldwide and currently have a showroom at Showfields in Manhattan, NYC.


While the rose water dries, I brush my teeth with my new vegan, natural, refillable toothpaste NOICE. It does not contain any aluminum hydroxide, calcium hydrogen phosphates, calcium carbonate, silica or hydroxyapatite like most toothpaste sold in the supermarket but instead: licorice to prevent carieseucalyptus leaf oil to prevent gum diseasepeppermint oil to fight bacteria and promote mouth freshnessanise to fight bad breath and maintain oral health and chamomile to improve gum health. I love that it is SLS Free and does not block your taste buds, have you ever wondered why orange juice taste so gross after brushing your teeth? Now you have the answer!

During the cold winter, I like to use a serum on my face as extra hydration and protection. I usually alternate between the Moringa Face Oil by Nutu and the Prickly Pear Seed Oil Elixir by Alhambra Lifestyle. Moringa is the world most nutrient-rich source of plant protein, it helps reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin and fight free radicals. It contains growth-promoting plant hormones that protect against the destruction of the skin tissues and hence helps prevent wrinkles.

The Prickly Pear Seed Oil Elixir is simply magical; it deeply hydrates your skin and removes dark circles. It has this immediate magical effects as soon as you apply it.

For the body lotion, I use the Charity Pot by Lush. It is a seasonal product sold only during the winter period. It is deeply hydrating and leaves your skin smells like a baby doll. All profits from the sales are donated to charities and it also comes in a zero-packaging version. It made with fair trade cocoa butter, fresh aloe gel and moringa, the perfect mix to soothe the skin from cold winter burns and redness.

I never leave the house without a touch of mascara. My favorite is hands down the Go Big or Go Home by Kat Von D, released in 2019. The formula is vegan and let me tell you, it has nothing to envy to my all-time favorite Volume de Chanel. Believe me, people will ask you if you got eyelashes extensions [1].


During the day, I always keep a lip balm handy. My current favorite is the bite beauty. The brand is going completely vegan in 2020. Since my lips tend to be very dry in the winter I like to use the Agave + Nighttime Therapy during the day, it is infused with a chamomile-bergamot scent and leaves your lips feeling nourished and supple.

 [1] which, by the way, are rarely vegan, eyelash extensions very often come from mink hair, as a byproduct of the fur industry, ask your beautician for synthetic extensions (:


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