Try Carrie Underwood’s Do-Anywhere Moves to Tone Up & Stay Strong

|Updated Mar 26, 2021

All American Girl Carrie Underwood captured the hearts of fans when she won season five of American Idol 15 years ago, and ever since, the Nashville native has continued to be a favorite crossover superstar, turning out hit after hit, and topping the country and mainstream charts. She has managed to balance family life, a music career, and launch several businesses, all while remaining as fit, toned, and strong as ever. We're inspired by her meat-free, dairy-free diet and her commitment to working out daily, even as she raises 2 youngsters with her husband Mike Fisher, heads up the fitness app Fit52 and her personal clothing line, Calia, and touring on the big stage, and appearing as the host of the Country Music Awards.

Underwood, who means business but doesn't skimp on self-care, never misses the chance to support her family, whether she shows up at the playground or hockey arena. As a busy mother, wife, entrepreneur, and country music star, she tries to keep one thing super simple: Her workout routine. She uses her these go-to workout moves to achieve strong, lean muscles and a healthy mindset, according to her trainer, Eve Overland. She shared with us the secret moves that help Underwood balance her personal time with her fitness goals, and still find joy in each movement. After all, Underwood's famously toned, muscular legs always manage to capture our attention, whenever she takes the stage.


We spoke to Overland, who gave The Beet these exclusive moves to incorporate into your routine and support your fitness goals with a healthy diet of plant-based whole foods. Overland and Underwood work together one-on-one while the singer tours, in a mobile gym, or at her home studio when she's training for the red carpet. Overland shared the specific moves that Underwood uses to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. She noted that self-care is a big part of Underwood's regimen and getting in shape for events doesn't require a 90-minute workout. Instead, Underwood adds more cardio to her exercises but sticks to a three-move routine which is easy, can be done anywhere, and performed by anyone. Read on to find out Underwood's moves and exactly how to do each one.

The Beet: Before we talk workout, what's Carrie's newest BODYARMOR collab?

Eve: Yes! We're super excited to partner with BODYARMOR and Hydration. As a personal trainer, I know how important it is to hydrate. It's harder to think clearly and focus when you're dehydrated. The BODYARMOR LYTE is low in calories contains coconut water, and tastes amazing. It's perfect for someone who's not a big water drinker because it has more flavor and you'll want to keep drinking it.

Carrie says, "It tastes like a cheat," and I agree. Hydration to be is self-care. I feel super refreshed when I drink this and I'm super happy to share this product.


The Beet: What types of workouts do you suggest to build stronger leg muscles?

Eve: For stronger legs, I go back to the basics: Squats, deadlifts, and lunges, in different variations. Once you nail good form, then you can elaborate and add to the moves. But, go back to functional exercises because you will get a great workout. These are my go-to rules for an effective leg workout for any client. I break each movement into three groups.

As a dancer, I tend to group things into threes, naturally.

  • First, do a primary move. For legs that means doing a simple squat, and repeat. Make sure form is a top priority.
  • Then you do a secondary motion, which for legs is a squat pulse.
  • Finish off with an explosive movement; for legs, that's a box jump. It is effective and will bring your heart-rate up and help burn calories.

For each body part, the best way to tone is to repeat this pattern of a primary move, a secondary move, and an explosive move. This is the most efficient to get stronger and burn more calories.

The Beet: Carrie's legs are amazing. So obviously that is working. What are the three moves for toned abs and strong arms?

Eve: When it comes to abs, the primary move is mountain climbers.

Then a secondary move is simply to mirror that on your back with bicycle kicks, working the same movement in different areas of the core.

An explosive move would be something like a burpee.

For arms: the primary move is a push-up motion whether that's a bench press or an actual push-up. Carrie comes into the gym and loves to bench press, she feels strong and empowered and I'm so proud of her.

This pushup movement is great for your chest and shoulders. I don't care if you have to start on your knees, against a wall, or at an incline, if you can push yourself up, you're doing great. Work on perfect technique because it only gets harder if you don't.

A secondary move is a row or dumbbell curls. Dumbells are important. If there's a dumbbell lying around the gym, Carrie will pick them up and start performing reps. In our workouts, we don't neglect any body part, we try to make the most of each movement.

The Beet: How long are your workouts?

Eve: It depends on where my clients are starting out and what their goals are, and why they want to be healthier or fitter. For some people who are just starting out, all I recommend is getting your steps in or hiking. 2020 and onward was all about self-care and feeling our best.

We need to nurture our bodies, as humans, we are born to move. I also tell people to find a physical activity that they love to do whether it's dancing or Crossfit, if you love the feeling, you'll stick with it.

One tip: Move in a creative way. Another tip I have for working out is finding an accountability partner, someone you can rely on to help you feel motivated and get moving. Give yourself an extrinsic goal instead of wanting to change how you look.

A goal could even be that you want to spend more time outside with the kids. There are tons of fitness apps out there, Carrie included (Fit52), and find a team that wants you to succeed.

The Beet: I think this is what everyone wants to know. What is Carrie's workout routine look like?

Eve: It looks different based on what Carrie's training for. When she's on tour, we follow an entire leg workout that's in her fitness book but it's basically the three fundamental movements I explained.

The primary squat, the secondary squat pulse, and the explosive box jumps. We workout in a mobile gym and don't really do fitness classes. I always focus on mobility in every movement, so she's doing the yoga but not taking the class.

When Carrie has a red carpet event, it doesn't look like a 90-minute HIIT workout. We focus on her physique and work on more cardio endurance movements. I say we always get in a workout whenever we can, and we don't have to punish, punish, punish. The secret is to find joy in what you do you'll move better, feel better, and look better.