When Tom Brady moved teams from his home planet in New England to the Tampa Bay to play for the Buccaneers, his fans did a headspin to rival the young girl in The Exorcist.  This is not the kind of thing people -- fans of TB's or the game or the fact that he won six rings at Gilette Stadium -- get over too easily. So it was a delightful surprise when this week the world's most famous QB, the oldest QB in the league at the age of 42, known for his strict mostly plant-based diet, his supermodel wife, his move-star good looks and his will to win, came out with a product to help all of us live a little healthier.

TB12's newest product is called Protect and comes at a time when we all want some extra protection for our health, from COVID-19 and the particulate flying no-see-ems that can lodge themselves in our nose, mouth, eyes (taking a route through the tear ducts into our bodies) and cause us to get sick, some seriously, gravely so.

Enter Brady's and his business partner Alex Guerrero’s brand, TB12 with an immunity-boosting supplement to help the body's natural responses to virus, a blend of natural immunity-boosting compounds called Protect.

The brand TB12 up until now has been dedicated to products like protein powders and sports enhancing drinks, snacks, and shakes along with gear to help you reach your peak performance. Now the brand inspired by TB who will continue to wear number 12 for the Buccs, is offering an immunity-boosting line of products: the Immunity Game Plan Starter Kit with omegas, probiotics, and multivitamins to support the athletic body through training and strengthening, inside and out, during this pandemic.

The Beet scored an exclusive interview with the CEO of TB12, John Burns, who has helped TB focus on the ball while growing this iconic brand. TB12's new supplement blend Protect is now for sale at Uncrate and The Feed. Here is the behind the scenes 411 on what went into launching Protect, from TB12's CEO John Burns:

Q: Why come out with this product now? 

JB: Protect is TB12’s first co-branded product with VitalFit, a wellness and nutrition company that we acquired late last year. Protect was always planned to launch this year as the first in a three supplement collection, with the remaining two due out later in the summer. The supplement was developed in order to help build immune response and aid the body in recovery from every day and exercise-induced strained.  Created with clinically studied ingredients like Vitamin C, Zinc, and Elderberry, Protect helps improve antibody response, regulate inflammation and eliminate foreign challengers. This reinforces healthy cells while aiding in the recovery of your immune system so you can stay strong and protected through your next workout.

Q: What is TB12’s best seller?

JB: Right now we are seeing a huge uptick in our electrolytes and our plant-based protein.

Q: Who should buy Protect?

JB: Anyone who wants to focus on countering the effects of everyday stressors on their immune system.

Q: Where can we buy Protect?

JB: Protect is available for purchase on tb12sports.com, at The Feed and Uncrate.

Q: When is it available?

JB: Protect is available now – we can’t wait to hear how Protect helps you stay active and resilient to get through your next workout!

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to stay fit and healthy now?

JB: Stay positive and resilient! While we’re all growing accustomed to this new normal, it is more important than ever to give your body everything it needs to help support your immune system.  We developed our Immunity Boost Game Plan which identifies 12 things people can focus on to arm their internal environment with what it needs to combat the external environment.

Protect is available for purchase on tb12sports.com and The Feed now and will be available for sale on Uncrate today.

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