Love is in the air. Valentine's Day is around the corner, and flower shops are anticipating a frenzy in the days ahead. Everyone loves a bouquet of flowers, but let's be real—they last a week, tops. Valentine's Day passes, and you're left with dead flowers that have no place in your house but the trash can. Not so nice for the planet when you come to think of it.

Flowers may be the easiest and (sometimes) the cheapest way to show your love, but they actually aren't environmentally friendly at all. The transportation needed to bring the flowers locally is a waste. And most florist's picks come from abroad, typically Colombia and Ecuador, to the United States, requiring plane travel, refrigerated trucks, and manpower to import. All of this adds up to an enormous carbon footprint: 360,000 metric tons of CO2 for the 15,000 tons of flowers Americans will buy this Valentine's Day.

One Solution: Buy a Potted Plant, Which Is Just as Romantic (Probably More!)

Our suggestion: Ditch the flowers this Valentine's Day, help the environment, and get your loved one a potted plant. Yes, you may think that giving someone you adore a potted plant isn't the sexiest thing ever, but actually, we think it is. If you're like us, plants are the best gift you can buy. They may need more love than flowers, but every time someone looks at the plant or waters it, they'll be able to think of the loved one who gave it to them.

Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but also give you a sense of comfort and zen. The greenery in your house may also purify the air, reduce toxins, and lift your mood. According to Texas A&M, by having a plant in your home or workplace, your concentration, focus, and energy increase significantly.

If you still aren't convinced, simply take a look at the adorable plants we found at The Sill. They have actual shops in NYC and L.A. but if you aren't local to those stores, you can order online. But, do it today. Get your plant by February 7th, and they'll be delivered by Valentine's Day! Better yet, save the shipping and ask your friend in one of those places to pick it up!

We love these hearts!

The Sill has small plants like the Hoya Heart plant (actually heart-shaped), and medium-sized plants like the Money Tree plant. Large plants are only available in the store. The Faux plants are the best gift for the forgetful out there (and they're pet-friendly). They last forever!

The Sill offers their "own take on the classic candy heart" with a message pop that says: "I Dig You" or "My Love Grows." If that doesn't win you over this Valentine's Day, I'm not sure what will. Show some love to your special someone and the Earth with a plant this Valentine's Day.

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