Whip out your piano, guitar, digital mixing board, or instrument of choice because now you can win cash for your original song. Oatmilk yogurt company Hälsa is launching its Hälsa Summer 2020 Love Song Contest and awarding three winners with a cash prize. The brand is challenging for people to share what love means to them through an original song for a chance to win up to $3,000.

For Hälsa, love means making 100% clean and plant-based food—food that can truly nourish your body and is a better-for-the-planet option. But, for whatever kind of love people across the country are feeling at this time, Hälsa wants to hear their song. This contest and theme do in fact come at a relevant time as we continue to live through the pandemic; love and compassion are needed now more than ever, and we’ve seen love being expressed in incredible ways. Whether you are inspired by family, community, nature, animals, or this one planet we all share, funnel it into the music!

Details about the song contest:

Prizes: First place will be awarded a grand prize of $3,000 with second and third winners receiving $1,000 and $500 respectively.

To Enter: Write a love song, and post it on YouTube or Vimeo before May 31st!

Judging Process: Hälsa will judge on the basis of originality, creativity and how well the song conveys Hälsa’s message of love being the most important ingredient.

“As we continue to offer consumers our nutritious, organic oatmilk yogurts nationwide, we’re excited to deepen our mission through our song challenge to spread love—for each other, for our bodies and for our planet,” says Helena Lumme, Hälsa President and Co-founder. “Love is something we need now, more than ever.”

Remember to follow the submission guidelines, read the entry rules on their website (especially since residents in some states are ineligible), and make sure to convey the message of “love being the most important ingredient” the company reminds. Entries close Sunday, May 31st, 2020. Happy songwriting!

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