It’s a good time to be vegan in the world of fashion. From vegan leather designer bags made from cork to Juicy Couture partnering with vegan fashion label Apparis to make faux fur tracksuits, there’s no shortage of amazing cruelty-free clothing and apparel finds.

But vegan suede? Not so easy to track down. That’s why we were so excited to hear that the shoe maestros Mercer Amsterdam have unveiled a new slate of stylish sneakers made with vegan suede from Alcantara. And this animal-free suede isn’t just any suede-like microfiber—it’s the same fabric that’s used in ultra-luxe cars such as various Porsche models, BMW "M" cars, and certain Lamborghini makes.

So what makes the material so great for sneaks? It’s both more stain-resistant and also more durable than suede made from animal products. It’s also cruelty-free, of course, and gives you pretty epic bragging rights to say your shoe finish shares something in common with a swanky Porsche interior. This collection marks the first time Alcantara is used for sneakers, and we’re hoping it becomes the norm for “suede” shoes one day soon. The sneakers retail for £250 or about $335 USD as of press time. Currently, they’re available in grey/white, black/white, and black/black color combinations for the shoe’s body/sole.

“I think Alcantara and Mercer go very well together because we both combine high-end design and sustainability,” Dutch designer and Mercer Amsterdam founder Pim Mercer told Plant Based News of the new sneaker line. We don’t know about you, but the photos alone make us desperate for the days when we can gather in groups once again with our fellow sneakerheads, rocking these new kicks of course.

Check out the new collection here—just look for those with the word “Alcantara” in the sneaker title. Hasta la vista, suede.

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