Want to support an incredible woman-owned business? Want to slink into the tub for an epic bath? Knock both off your list with one fizzy, scented bath bomb thanks to bath bomb “prescription” service (all bath bombs are shaped like prescription medication) The Cure•ist. Available for $13 per bath bomb, all six scents are vegan, made with non-toxic ingredients, and cruelty-free with 10% of net proceeds going to an organization that supports mental health care.

Founded by Jenna Rodrigues, the brand was built around the importance of tending to your mental and physical wellbeing “I was inspired to create an experience that would create a moment of action during a moment of self-care” said Rodrigues in a press release. “In my mind, it was the only way I could justify creating the business. I didn’t just want to do it for myself. I wanted to help create positive social change while creating a brand for millennials that rewards us for taking care of ourselves and establishing healthy norms.”

Per the media statement, millennials spend an average of $555.58 per year on personal care and service within the $10 billion industry. For about the price of a vegan burger and fries from a fast-food restaurant, you can have the gift of a relaxing, dreamily fragranced bath.

Speaking of those incredible smells, scents include “Thank U, Next,” with notes of fruit punch, jasmine, and tonka bean, “Resting Bitch Face (RBF) Bath Bomb,” crafted with eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass, "Lit AF," featuring citrus, grapefruit and bergamot notes, "Insomniac," with soothing lavender, mint, lemon and moss, "Boujee," a mix of bergamot, tuberose and vetiver, and "Millenial," which blends freesia, lily of the valley, sugar vanilla and musk.

Amidst the total insanity of this year, pandemically, personally, and otherwise, we’ve been taking roughly 3.2 baths a day, so we’re thrilled to learn of one more way to make our long soaks all the more enjoyable. On that note, we’re pretty sure an RBF bath bomb, a pile of magazines, and a few squares of dark chocolate is in our very near future. I mean, does it get more zen than a bath and chocolate? We didn’t think so. Time to drop a prescription into the tub, blast some yoga music and put our cell phones far, far away.
P.S. If you’re looking for more ways to stay sane and (somewhat) relaxed amidst the coronavirus pandemic, check out these seven self-care tips from doctors and nutritionists.

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