As the emails fill up your inbox from Equinox, Row House, Soul Cycle, Tracy Anderson and your favorite workout studios and local gyms letting you know that they're temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, you might ask yourself "How am I suppose to get my body in shape for summer?" For some, this period of quarantine presents an opportunity to get yourself in the best shape, especially if you now have lots of free time on your hands.

Instead of sitting slumped on your couch with your feet up on the ottoman watching Love Is Blind, you can lay on your floor and do sit-ups and pushups and feel a lot more productive. Better yet, many exercise companies are offering free or discounted workout classes online to the public or their members so that you can sweat it out while you wait it out. And yes, we recognize the struggles of feeling motivated when your entire daily routine of waking up early, hitting the gym and getting to the office is completely turned on its head and you're required to stay home. It's like you have now become the CEO of your home gym, office, and kitchen.

Use this time to work harder, be healthier, eat clean, exercise, learn something new and spend time with your loved ones. We're all in the same scenario of remotely connecting with loved ones and co-workers over Skype to communicate and trying to figure out why the heck we didn't learn to cook before quarantine when at-home delivery isn't a possibility for everyone. When you find downtime, instead of binge-watching Netflix, lay down the yoga mat, pull out the hand and ankle weights you thought you would never use, and turn on an online workout class you can do in your basement or living room. Here's a list of classes you can take for free online:

1. Tracy Anderson Method

TA is a full-body workout that includes dancing as cardio, leg lifts targeting for toning your glutes, and arm workouts with small hand weights so you'll feel the burn.

Find some space and grab small weights and set up the videos on your TV or laptop to follow along with Tracy as she takes you through a series of leg, glutes, abs and arms workouts. If you don't have weights, you can do the exercises and still feel the burn because she does several reps of each move.

Three days ago, Tracy Anderson posted on her Instagram that she will be filming content to upload to her website so you can enjoy two free weeks of toning up, muscle building, and feeling fit. Tracys says, "If you are self-isolating, like me, everyone gets two weeks free at". Take advantage of this promotion because her online classes are usually $90 a month. I took a class the atTAin Definition class this morning and now I feel great. Click here to get started.

2. Alo Yoga

This brand is a high-end athleisure clothing company with pristine yoga studios.

Hey yogis! Don't let your muscles tighten up because your studio is closed. Some of the best instructors are hosting online practices so you can feel enlightened and stretch it out in the comfort of your home.

Alo Yoga is offering free yoga classes on their YouTube channel so you can do a 30-minute energizing power vinyasa flow in your living room. It's a good time to take advantage of this offer because some of the classes they selected are from their app which you typically have to pay to access. Their videos are high quality and easy to follow so you can get your whole family in the room to stretch, breathe, and focus on boosting your immune system by staying active.

3. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness, one of the largest gym chains in America is offering free online classes to anyone, member or not. All you have to do is go to the Planet Fitness Facebook page and tune in to one of their live workout classes at 7 p.m ET every day for the next two weeks.

The classes are called "Home Work-Ins" and they include videos by instructors in their own living rooms. They do a variety of exercises like lunges, speed skaters, plank, and ab workouts. Get a full-body workout with a virtual certified personal trainer and ask questions along the way. The videos are live so they know who's taking the class and you can press pause if you want to stop the video at any point for a water break or quick rest. Click here to join.

4. Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood herself has a large community on social media devoted to her at-home training. Melissa Wood Health is a workout method that focuses on circuit training and working out from home. There are two options you can do when your workout with Melissa Wood Health.

Option 1: Melissa posted on her Instagram a link in her bio to sign up for her 7-day free trial if you're not a member already. She posts a brand new series of yoga flows and circuit exercises every Monday morning to add to her library of over 60+ workouts. These include yoga practices, guided meditations, treadmill series and workouts for prenatal and postpartum users. You will feel refreshed and sculpt your way to long, lean muscles.

Option 2: Check out her YouTube channel where she posts free workouts that are easy to follow and you can do right in your living room. My favorite is the full-body workout and ab flow where she focuses on sculpting your lower abs and tightening your core.

5. Openfit

Openfit is a digital streaming platform that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and wellness. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of workouts that you can do anywhere you have some open space. They host On-Demand programs that are structured around weight loss led by top fitness trainers. The classes are interactive and hosted by personal trainers, so you can ask them questions as they help track your results and accomplish your goals.

Most of the exercise moves don't require much more than a laptop or TV, a little space and maybe a mat. There are specific targeted workouts that involve using small handheld weights. They're easy to follow and the system tracks your progress for you so you don't fall behind. Try it for 2 weeks free while you're at home and get back on track for the spring.

 6. Yogaworks

Yogaworks is a yoga studio with several locations in the US taught by some of the best instructors in the world. You can find over 1,300 yoga classes online including specific practices like Vinyasa, restorative, Ashtanga, Hatha, and many more. Sign up to get an all-access pass to premium classes led by certified yoga instructors, some of the best in the world.

There is a class for everyone whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi. Your practice will improve overtime as Yogaworks focuses on flexibility and strengthening your core. Use the code: ONLINE when you sign up for your free trial. Click here to get started.

7. Obe Fitness 

This online studio offers a free month of fitness classes, and we signed up with our credit card and are going to probably love it so much that we are hooked and don't cancel after the trial period. This is why they do it after all. The classes range from beginner to advanced, with all types of instructors and toning options you can do in a small space in your living room or bedroom.
We can't wait to get started because no less a leading light than Katie Lee, the Food Network star chef, told us that this is her go-to fitness routine and source. And she's super fit!
Join us at Obe Fitness, virtually of course. And if you do decide to sign up it costs less than a dollar a day, or as low as 55 cents a day for a full year of workout classes. Can't wait to get toned!
If you want to share any of your favorite online workout classes email and I would be happy to add them to this list. Stay healthy and keep moving!

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