Ever wonder where the latest plant-based juggernaut brand like Beyond, JUST or Miyoko's may be coming from next? Startup CPG, a launchpad for small brands, is looking to spread the word about new and innovative food companies that are sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Last month, Startup CPG held its bi-annual pitch session for emerging food and beverage brands (think "Shark Tank for little guys) to showcase new companies to 50 highly regarded journalists, early-stage investors, e-commerce buyers, and industry insiders. Here are the three winners from the plant-based world, and videos so YOU can play shark yourself. Which one would you invest in, or better yet, want to buy and keep in your kitchen?

Note that while not all the brands that Startup CPG assists are plant-based, to our delight the three winning brands are: LOCA foods, 12 Tides and KWEEN. Each has made a video to share with The Beet's audience, so you can find your favorite (let us know on our Facebook page which one you love best). They are all completely vegan! Be one of the first customers to try the next big thing!

And The Winners of the Startup CPG Pitch Session Are... 


LOCA Foods

A staple of stadiums and movie theaters (remember those: nachos with cheese sauce is classic American junk food. As we all try to consume fewer artificial flavors and preservatives in favor of plant-based, healthy, whole foods, LOCA has recreated that nostalgic nacho cheese tastes with vegetables that you could grow in your backyard.

LOCA makes eating healthy easier by reinvesting classic dairy comfort foods with nutritious, allergy-free ingredients that everyone can enjoy (whether you're lactose intolerant, plant-based or trying to just cut back on your cheese inhalation habit). LOCA Plant-Based Potato Queso is a shelf-stable cheese sauce that’s packed with flavor and nutrients, contains no artificial flavors and is made with real food, in this case, potato. It looks, melts, and tastes like the gooey, glossy nacho cheese sauce you grew up with.

Although LOCA is not yet available to purchase, you can stay on top of the company's product updates by following LOCA on Instagram: @eatLOCAfood.

12 Tides 

Love the beach? You'll love 12 Tides, founded in 2019 with a mission to reimagine our relationship with the oceans, through tasty, regenerative "ocean snacks." Their plant-based, nutrient-rich, organic puffed seaweed chips are made from kelp grown on North American regenerative ocean farms. (We wish we'd thought of this, remembering all those beach days of stepping over seaweed!) This resource-efficient food positively impacts marine ecosystems while removing excess CO2 from our oceans. As an ocean-positive brand, 12 Tides is committed to ocean restoration efforts, including the reforestation of California's natural kelp, through its partner, SeaTrees.

To purchase 12 Tides products, visit their website. Be sure to check out @12tides on Instagram, or you may contact the company at athello@12tides.com.


Kween is a food and wellness company with the mission to "help you eat like royalty." Kween's flagship product, Granola Butter, is the world's first spreadable granola.  (Yum!) Granola Butter has the smooth, silky texture of nut butter and the warm, comforting taste of granola. Best of all, it is organic, allergen-free and vegan. Granola Butter is best enjoyed spread on fruit, toast, in a smoothie, or straight off the spoon.

You can find Granola Butter at Whole Foods, Amazon or online at kween.co.

Do you think that your brand could be the next winner? Startup CPG's Pitch II is in November and the submission date is rapidly approaching. For more information about Startup CPG Pitch, please visit this link.

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