Oats, almonds, and cashews look out! There’s a new nut-milk headed for the shelves, and this time, it’s made from pistachios. Táche Pistachio Milk, branded as “the first true pistachio” milk, is headed for the shelves today.

Táche chose to make its milk exclusively using pistachios instead of a nut-milk blend for extra health benefits and silky smooth taste. The founder of Táche, Roxana Saidi, drew on her experience of growing up eating pistachios with her father, an immigrant from the Middle East, Morteza, who also helped Saidi cofound the brand.

Saidi began developing her pistachio milk in 2015 during the worst drought in California history. She wanted to create another plant-based milk option that was better for the environment than almond milk, which didn’t require the same immense amount of water to produce.

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Pistachios provided the perfect solution: The green nut uses 75% less water than almond milk does, provides a complete source of protein, and makes a frothy, delicious milk alternative. Táche’s milk boasts a very competitive nutritional profile: The original flavor contains 7g sugar and 80 calories per serving, and the unsweetened variety has less than 1g sugar and only 50 calories.

In the last few years, plant-based milk alternatives have seen a meteoric rise with popular coffee chains like Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Peets offering oat milk and the major of grocery chains like Kroger stocking shelves with all kinds of dairy-free deliciousness. There have never been more options for dairy-free drink lovers out there. We’ve created a guide so you can check out how the options stack up based on environmental impact as well as by taste. Now, thanks to Táche, there’s a new one you can look forward to trying.

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