The World Plant-Based Awards 2021 just revealed its picks for the top plant-based innovations of the last year. Hosted by FoodBev Media in partnership with the Plant Based World Conference & Expo, the award ceremony showcases the top upcoming plant-based brands to develop new and exciting products while also highlighting the businesses that have made significant strides in sustainability. The impressive collections of companies and products aim to represent the overall growth of the plant-based market.

“We are delighted to celebrate the second annual World Plant-Based Awards, this year in association with Plant-Based World Expo & Conference,” FoodBev Media Awards Marketing Executive Jonathan McGowan said. “The World Plant-Based Awards truly celebrate some of the most ambitious new products and developments of the year from both new and established brands in the global plant-based industry.”

For the 2021 awards, the judging panel examined 110 entries across 25 countries, granting honors to 15 categories. The award ceremony celebrated some key advancements within the plant-based sector across new advanced protein products and better sustainability measures. The Plant-Based market is currently valued at around $7 billion dollars, according to the Good Food Institute, rising 2.5 times over the last two years.

“The World Plant-Based Awards, in association with Plant Based World Conference & Expo, are a celebration of innovation and excellence across every category of the global plant-based industry,” the organization’s website reads, “These awards are a fantastic way to enhance the promotion of your brand and to ensure it gains global recognition.”

Some categories showcase some of the most exciting advancements in the plant-based market. From meat and dairy alternatives to impressive food tech startups, the award ceremony showcased the world of plant-based innovations, and below are some of the highlights.

Best Meat Alternative: Plantcraft’s Plant-Based Pate

Plantcraft is working in one of the least developed plant-based categories and creating some of the most innovative products on the market. The vegan food brand is working to create deli meats and charcuterie products without animal products that appeal to consumers everywhere. Regardless of dietary preference, Plantcraft aims to create vegan deli meats that entice anyone and the company's Pate exceeded those expectations.

Best Plant-Based Start-Up: CHKN Not Chicken

The plant-based start-up CHKN Not Chicken set out to create an alternative protein because the founder decided it became necessary to cut down on meat consumption. Instead of giving up the chicken experience, the food tech company decided to create a sustainable replacement using only simple vegan ingredients. The shredded chicken is marketed at non-vegans to encourage them to reduce meat consumption, offering them a delicious, plant-based substitute.

Best Plant-Based Seafood: Mind Blown Plant-Based Scallops by The Plant-Based Seafood Company

Vegan seafood is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the plant-based market. While other protein categories have been tackled by plant-based pioneers, the Plant Based Seafood Co. is working to develop the most exciting vegan seafood options. The company's newest vegan scallop provides a first-to-the-market plant-based substitute that replicates the taste and texture of the fine dining delicacy.

Best Milk Alternative: Hope and Sesame’s Sesame Milk

Plant-based dairy is one of the top vegan categories, providing consumers with an entry point to sustainable dieting. Hope and Sesame's sesame-based milk presents a unique dairy alternative. The company boasts a nutritious, sustainable, and delicious vegan product that contains 8 times more protein than almond milk and 2-3 times more protein than oat milk products.

Best Plant-Based Condiment: Thai Taste’s Vegan Fish Sauce

Sometimes condiments can be the hardest product to find because many companies do not rush to provide vegan alternatives to beloved condiments. Thai Taste decided to provide all customers with a fish sauce substitute that contains to animal-products without sacrificing the ocean flavor. The innovative new product features a variety of spices and seaweed to create a flavor blend that perfectly mirrors traditional fish sauce.

Best Plant-Based Protein: Eighth Day Foods’ Lupreme

Food tech company Eighthj Day Foods revealed its new Lupreme vegan meat substitute earlier this year, showcasing one of the most sustainable and healthiest alternative proteins on the market. The lupin-bean-based product is highly versatile and unbelievably sustainable. With a low environmental footprint and 20 percent protein, the new Lupreme plant-based meat exceeds in every category. Its versatility also allows chefs and home cooks to prepare it however they desire, making it easily favorable for any dish or cuisine.

Other Winners

Best Plant-Based Beverage: Kabocha Milk Co’s Kabochamilk Made from Kabocha squash

Best Dairy Product Alternative: Else Nutrition’s Plant-Based Nutrition Toddler Drink

Best Plant-Based Snack: My Sweet Chickpea by Dolfin (UK) ltd.

Best Plant-Based Sustainability: Hope and Sesame’s Sesame Milk

Best Plant-Based Dessert/Confectionery: Oat and hemp-based gelato from Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots.

Best Plant-Based Functional Product: Golden Formula by TCI Co. Ltd., a Taiwanese healthcare biotech company.

Best Plant-Based Non-Food Product: The plastic Free sandwich packs, RecycAll Freshpack.

Best Plant-Based Packaging: Meal for One by Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen, part of the company’s Earth brand.

Best Plant-Based Business:  LIVEKINDLY Collective.

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