Costco may not be the first store that comes to mind when you’re planning to pick up some plant-based products, but the selection of vegan items they have on the shelves will surprise you, and buying in bulk will help you trim down your food expenses. Pick up some of these vegan and plant-based Costco finds the next time you’re out loading up on cheap household staples. (Sad but true: Your Costco location may not carry all of these, but we hope they do!)

Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Organic Chickpea Puffs: Hippeas are an addicting vegan snack made from organic chickpeas, which means they’re a great source of protein and also high in fiber. These baked puffs come in a range of delicious flavors like sriracha sunshine, nacho vibes, bohemian barbecue, pepper power and Himalayan happiness, as well as a variety pack perfect for school lunches. Regardless of which flavor you pick, all of them are certified vegan. (We’re especially fans of the sriracha sunshine flavor!) If you’re looking for an alternative to cheese puffs with a little bit more nutrition packed in, give Hippeas a go, they won't disappoint.

Inno Foods Organic Coconut Clusters with Super Seeds: Made from coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds, these clusters are combined with a touch of cane sugar, brown rice syrup, and sea salt. There’s no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors—just a bunch of superfoods stuck together in one bite. You can enjoy these coconut clusters as a crunchy topping in your breakfast bowl or salad, but we won’t hold it against you if you decide to eat them straight out of the bag.

Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame Spaghetti: If you’re a pasta lover who eats gluten-free or you’re looking for another way to easily up your plant intake, Explore Cuisine has you covered with its organic edamame spaghetti. This vegan pasta is low in carbs and high in protein and fiber. In fact, it packs such a big protein punch that a 50-gram serving of it has three times as much protein as traditional pasta does. And while it’s a bean-based noodle, it has a mild taste so you can get creative with your sauce pairings.

Dave’s Killer Bread: When cruising through Costco’s bread section, keep an eye out for loaves from Dave’s Killer Bread—they’re the ones with the picture of a muscled, mustachioed man in a red t-shirt playing guitar. The bread is available in three options: Good Seed, 21 Whole Grains and Seeds, and Powerseed. Each one contains plenty of whole-grain nutrition and absolutely no animal products. All can be used for sandwiches and toast, but we recommend the Powerseed loaf in particular as a breakfast bread since it’s flavored with some organic fruit juices, giving it a slightly sweet taste.

Amy’s Organic Soups, Variety Pack (Lentil and Lentil Vegetable): These two plant-based soups are the holy grail when it comes to healthy, packaged vegan eating options. At Costco, you won’t have to choose which soup to buy because they come in a variety pack (Read: genius!) of Amy’s rich lentil soup and hearty lentil vegetable. These soups make for an easy, satisfying meal when you want to eat vegan but don’t have the time (or energy) to whip up something from scratch in the kitchen.

Love Beets Organic Cooked Beets: Beets are a great staple to have around the house when cooking and eating vegan or plant-based meals, but how many times have you been hesitant to buy them because you didn’t want to deal with peeling and pre-cooking them? With these beets, the prep work has been done for you. They are cooked and vacuum-packed to keep their freshness, meaning they’re ready to go whenever you’re ready to enjoy them.

Sweet Earth General Tso’s Tofu: Vegan doesn't have to be synonymous with time-consuming, and when push comes to shove, there’s nothing wrong with a spin in the microwave to make your meals. That’s exactly what you can do with Sweet Earth General Tso’s Tofu. A plant-based version of the beloved General Tso’s chicken, this bowl comes with crispy tofu, broccoli, red bell peppers, and brown rice paired with a tangy sweet and sour sauce. But the best part? Just heat and eat – that’s it.

Via Emilia Organic Riced Cauliflower: Riced cauliflower (i.e., cauliflower that is pulsed into a light and fluffy rice-like texture) makes for an excellent side dish when you want a filling vegan meal but also want to cool it with traditional carbs like rice and pasta. Instead of spending time ricing your own cauliflower at home, grab some of Via Emilia’s organic riced cauliflower, which is made from only two ingredients: cauliflower and salt. It will save on both time and cleanup, making it a great go-to for busy weeknight dinners.



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