If you want to shed fat faster, the trick is to keep your blood sugar low and turn up the engines by working out. The latest trend is to "eat like a diabetic" for overall best body fueling, so your system runs on the calories you eat (and working-out puts you at a deficit) so you never have a chance to store extra calories as fat. Nowadays "the diabetic diet" is getting a lot of attention because even for non-diabetics, it's the best way to eat to reduce or avoid diabetes, which is more critical than ever since diabetes is a known risk factor for serious COVID-19 symptoms. To stay well, slim down and shed unwanted fat layers right now, eating high fiber, plant-based foods that have the lowest glycemic index is being touted as the best strategy. The added benefit: Along with losing weight these all have anti-viral, immunity-boosting benefits.

The anti-diabetes diet means choosing high-fiber antioxidant-rich foods with low GIs

Even if you are not diabetic, and you just want to lower blood sugar and turn up the burners to help your body burn fat, there are foods that can help your body use available energy and not store calories as fat -- naturally. If you choose the right foods, get active, and keep your calories in check, you'll be able to lower your blood sugar levels and help your body's natural ability to metabolize the carbs you eat, to use blood sugar as fuel, and not allow insulin to signal "too much sugar here.... put this extra stuff into storage!" The key to doing this is to eat the foods that best keep blood sugar levels steady, or better yet, nice and low, and not let your insulin levels surge, since it's that signal that starts your body crating off calories to fat.

These foods are known to damp down blood sugar and turn off the insulin sirens, to help you burn fat naturally. We found this list in TimesNowNews.com and added two of our favorites to bring you the 7 best plant-based foods to lower blood sugar and burn fat naturally.

The 7 best foods that lower blood sugar naturally and help you burn more fat

  1. ​ Nuts: High in fiber and low in carbs, nuts are known to lower blood sugar and help reduce inflammation. They also lower your LDL or bad cholesterol and can lower A1c levels of blood sugar, which helps in losing weight naturally.
  2. Chickpeas: As a legume, chickpeas help you burn fat and keep blood sugar low because they are high in fiber and have a very low glycemic index so they burn low and slow, keeping you feeling fuller longer. Rich in vitamins C, and E and beta-carotene, chickpeas help boost digestive health, reduced LDL, and promote heart health.
  3. Avocados: When you eat healthy fat, also known as unsaturated fat, your body starts burning fat for fuel and can help you keep blood sugar and insulin sensitivity low. Think of it this way: You're giving your body high-octane fuel, and it runs cleanly and smoothly. As your body gets used to burning healthy fat for fuel it keeps ongoing. There's no better food to start this process than avocados. So even though they are high in calories, avocados are great for burning fat. Plus, they help you feel full longer. Avocados lower inflammation and blood pressure and are great for losing weight.
  4.  Squash: Now that summer is in full swing, squash is readily available in yellow, or zucchini or orange varieties at farm stands and the produce aisle. Grab several flavors and make a ratatouille with eggplant and tomato and onion, since the whole family will enjoy. Squash is known to lower insulin levels and help fight obesity.
  5. Leafy Greens: Low in calories and high in fiber, nutrients, and phytochemicals, kale, spinach, and other leafy greens will help you lower blood sugar and provide vitamin C and antioxidants that boost metabolism and help provide immunity.
  6.  Broccoli: If there is one food to eat on repeat it's broccoli, for the special compound called Sulforaphane that gets released when a bug-- or a human-- bites into it, and the same bug killer in the garden kills germs and infections in your body. For lowering insulin, broccoli has been shown to reduce that plus other conditions related to diseases. It's full of antioxidants, vitamin C and magnesium, so eat as much as you like.
  7. Strawberries: In the fight for which is the best berry, blue or straw, it's pretty much of a draw, but strawberries are rich in antioxidants that have been proven in the lab to lower insulin levels, as well as cholesterol, and help fight obesity with fiber that keeps you fuller longer. We say why not add both to your smoothie or cereal? Or just eat them by the fist full.