Father’s Day is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to order the perfect gift for the plant-based or vegan or healthy chef dad. And you know he's always thrilled to know that: A.) You thought of him in advance, and: B.) You care about his health, and: C.) You want to do fun stuff together, like cook or make a fun drink or prep and marinate for the barbeque.

If you’re still on the hunt for just the right gift and your dad happens to be interested in all things plant-based-food-related, healthy-eating-related, and master chef-related, we have some gift ideas that’ll bring a smile to his face and some excitement to his culinary adventures. Ranging in price level and cooking skills required, here are some of the best Father’s Day gifts for the foodie dads out there.

1. Just Add Beer Marinades and Sauces

Is your dad of the beer-loving, grill-loving type? Well, he can enjoy brews and barbecue in a fun new way with some of Just Add Beer’s unique sauce and marinade mixes. These vegan, umami-rich sauces are made to be mixed with beer to enhance whatever it is you’re grilling. Just Add Beer currently offers three flavors: Japanese Miso BBQ, Mexican Tres Chiles, and Szechuan Black Vinegar. Each comes with a recommendation for what type of beer to use to level up the flavor.

Price: $12 per jar 

2. Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

Many would argue that the most important kitchen tool is a good chef’s knife. And it goes without saying that a good knife is a sharp one. You can make sure your dad’s kitchen knife is always in tip-top shape with one of Work Sharp’s culinary knife sharpeners. They have electric sharpeners with different settings (the E2 has one sharpening speed and one angle guide while the E5 offers custom angles and three sharpening modes) as well as a manual sharpener with diamond and ceramic honing rods.

Price: Ranges from $49.95 to $149.95

3. Vejo Portable Blender

Vejo lets you blend up nutritious smoothies on the go with their BPA-free portable blenders that are both sturdy and attractive. You just pop in one of the Vejo pods, which come in a variety of plant-based flavors, and twist to blend for a smoothie in 30 seconds. Vejo is committed to sustainability and makes their capsules from biodegradable, renewable components. Able to be used as both a mixer and a bottle, the blenders conveniently fit in a car cup holder—and they’re airport security approved!

Price: $130 for a starter kit

Vegan Man Cookbook

4. Vegan Man Cookbook

Positioned as a man-ual for cooking plant-based food, the Vegan Man cookbook by Michael Kitson is full of recipes that are packed with nutrition and flavor—and free of any animal products. These dishes may be just the thing to get your dad interested in eating more plant-based meals, or they might be exactly what your vegan dad has been looking for to switch things up in the kitchen.

Price: $24.49 on Amazon

5. Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Starter Kit

If your dad is one of the many becoming more interested in creating food products from scratch like baking your own bread and brewing your own beer, another culinary adventure you can gift him is a nut milk starter kit. This kit from Ellie’s Best comes with their long-lasting nut milk bag made from commercial nylon mesh, three pounds of their raw, sweet almonds, and a BPA-free pitcher. A bonus is that the strainer bag can also be used for other types of cooking like when working with broths, kombucha, and fruit puree.

Price: Original price $69.95

6. Kosterina Custom Box

Whether you’re vegan or not, olive oil is a kitchen staple—and having high-quality oil is something every cook can appreciate. Kosterina’s 100% pure extra virgin olive oil is sourced from the Peloponnese region of Greece, cold-pressed from early harvest olives, and rich in polyphenol. Along with their original olive oil, they also offer a garlic olive oil and a Greek herb and lemon olive oil on top of different balsamic vinegars. Pick and choose from their products to create a custom box worth gifting.

Price: $67.50 for a small box or $135 for a large box

Bamboozle Homewares
Bamboozle Homewares

7. Bamboozle Snack Board

Eco-friendly brand Bamboozle makes their kitchenware products from durable bamboo fiber. It’s their small snack board in particular that makes for a nice present to those always entertaining—whether that’s hosting game day, having a family grill-out, or just unwinding at home with some friends. Coming in two neutral colors, the board’s sleek design can fit easily into anyone’s kitchen. And don’t worry, it’s still dishwasher safe for easy clean-up!

Price: $20.00

8. Ulli’s Oil Mill Oils

Olive oil, sunflower seed oil, and sesame seed oil are all cooking go-tos, but there’s so much more to the world of oils worth exploring. Following in Austria’s tradition of local, cold-pressed oils, Ulli’s Oil Mill uses the stamp press method to produce fresh oils in small batches on demand. Their pumpkin seed oil is a must-try, but they also sell hemp oil, chili oil, raps oil, and camelina oil. Experiment with these oils by drizzling on salads, soups, spreads, or by using as a finishing touch to other cooked meals.

Price: Starting from $15

9. Gardyn Hydroponic System

If your dad’s trained palate is coupled with a green thumb, then Gardyn’s hydroponic system might be the perfect present. A gift that truly keeps on giving, this “plug-and-play” system allows you to grow pesticide-free greens, fruits, herbs, and flowers all year round from your home. Plus, Kelby, the accompanying virtual growing assistant, makes sure the plants are kept in ideal conditions. All you have to do is pick your produce, pop in one of Gardyn’s “yCubes,” and water every couple of weeks. Then, you’ll have ready-to-eat produce at your fingertips!

Price: Membership starts at $29 per month

10. Runamok Maple Gift Box

Maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes—it can be a special touch to savory dishes and it’s a popular sweetener choice for vegan baking. With Runamok Maple’s custom gift box option, you can choose three different bottles from their infused, smoked, and barrel-aged maple syrup to gift in an elegant black box. Focused on sustainability and social responsibility, the company is certified organic by the Northeastern Organic Farmers Association and Bird-Friendly by the National Audubon Society.

Price: $69.95

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