We're always on the lookout for the best new plant-based products to try, buy and recommend. So when Natural Products Food Expo West, one of the largest food conventions in the nation, got canceled this spring, they still issued their list of the best new products of the year, and we leaped at the chance to publish the winners.

In normal years, Expo West is a place where natural and plant-based brands debut their products to get coverage and drum up sales interest. That’s why we’re bringing you a roundup of some of the best products that you can get your hands on now. These are among some of the good-for-the-world winners of the "NEXTY" awards, as they are known. You'll just think of them as your next favorite thing!

Snacking at Its Finest With These Plant-Based Winners

1. Best New Mission-Based Product

Soñar! Foods Organic Grain Free Tortilla Chips

Why it wins: Latina-owned organic food company Soñar! Foods makes a perfectly crisp, organic and grain-free chip packed with plant-powered protein and fiber from garbanzo beans, cassava, hemp, chia, flax. Chips are finished off with a Mexican-inspired seasoning. Not only do they taste good, they do good: 1% of annual sales goes to community programs to help unleash the civic and economic power of Latinos.

Instagram: @SonarOrganic 

2. Best Environmentally Responsible Packaging

Sun & Swell Foods Clean Cookie Bites

Why it wins: With just five, all-organic ingredients, Clean Cookie Bites are delicious cookie-like snacks you can take on the go. These puppies have no added sugars, preservatives, or flavors. Sun & Swell is also on the forefront of the sustainable packaging revolution; they are the first US companies to offer compostable packaging. 

Instagram: @sunandswellfoods 

3. Best New Savory or Salty Snack:

Brad's Plant-Based Everything Zucchini Veggie Flats

Why it wins: This new line of keto-friendly, plant-based snacks aren't out just yet (they will be in June), but it will be worth the wait. This good-for-you, made of flax and veggies are perfect for dipping or to add to your vegan cheese tray. In the meantime, you can try some of Brad’s other snacks like Radical Ranch Crunchy Kale and their Cheddar Veggie Chips.

Instagram: @bradsplantbased https://www.instagram.com/bradsplantbased/

Top it Off with These Plant-Based Winning Condiments

4. Best New Condiment:

Burma Love Foods Company Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing

Why it wins: Salads just got a lot more interesting with this flavorful and bold authentic burmese dressing. Its power ingredient, fermented tea leaves from Burma, makes the base, which yields a chimichurri-like consistency. It serves as a dressing but also a great dipping sauce. Make sure try their Crunchy Mix as well, a blend of nuts and seeds, perfect for a salad addition.

Instagram: @BurmaLoveFoods

Breakfast at its Best with This Plant-Based Morning Winner

5. Best New Frozen Product:

JUST Folded JUST Egg

Why it wins: Making your beloved JUST Egg morning dish is now even easier with these ready-to-heat and eat premade egg substitutes. A clear leader in the vegan egg space, JUST Egg’s latest innovation comes in the form of a perfect little square that you can heat in a pan or microwave and place on toast with vegan cheese or by itself for your own egg sandwich on the go. It’s fluffy consistency and egg-like taste is the perfect addition to your breakfast sandwich or to eat straight up.

Instagram: @eatjust

6. Best New Pantry Food:

Zego Foods Double Protein Oats

Why it wins: These high-protein gluten-free oats are perfect for a traditional oatmeal breakfast or can be used to make a rich and creamy oat milk. With Zego Foods, you know you get the cleanest products that are all backed by their “Purity Protocol”; this means all organic, non-GMO and no artificial anything.

Instagram: @ZegoFoods

Cheers to good health...and great taste

7. Best New Tea or Coffee:

Pop and Bottle Functional Oat Milk Lattes

Why it wins: With fair-trade organic coffee, pure oat milk and a hint of sweetness from dates, these little canned delights pack a proprietary blend of antioxidants from coffee cherry for a wellness boost. They’re easy to take on the go or crack open for a mid-morning pick me up. Finally, a delicious dairy-free coffee drink to get excited about.

Instagram: @popandbottle


Home goods gone good

8. Best New Natural Living Product:

Better Life Power-Strips Laundry Detergent

Why it wins: This clean, cruelty-free, brand makes laundry detergent and other home cleaning products that will leave your house—and conscience—clean.  From Shark Tank to now having massive distribution around the US, Better Life proves cleaning products that work can in fact be made without dangerous ingredients.

Instagram: @betterlifecleanhappens


9. Consumer Choice – Natural Living Product:

PATCH Bamboo Bandages

Why it wins: These bandage strips are made from 100 percent organic bamboo fiber and are enhanced with coconut oil, aloe vera and charcoal—perfect for soothing and repairing skin. Plus, the hypoallergenic, biodegradable and compostable bandages, paper wraps and unique cardboard canisters are free of plastics, latex and silicone. Plus, they come in a variety of stylish designs that work for both adults and children.

Instagram: @patchstrips

CBD Essentials

10. Consumer Choice – Supplement:

Winged CBD Relaxation Gummies

Why it wins: Ready for a relaxation aid that actually works? Meet Winged CBD maker of tasty fruit gummies infused with relaxation promoting ingredients. The key is their CBD (and other cannabinoids) from organically grown hemp plus added ingredients like chamomile, lemon balm extracts and L-Theanine to promote mental relaxation and tension release. Packaging is also beautiful and you’ll feel like royalty every time you open your jar and pop a delectable gummy.

Instagram: @wingedCBD


More about the Natural Products Food Expo West NEXTY Awards and judging criteria

The NEXTY Awards recognizes excellence in the natural products industry, elevating impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and the planet. At each Natural Products Expo, New Hope Network recognizes products that stand out within the judging criteria of innovation, inspiration and integrity.

For the NEXTY Awards, the nominated products are reviewed through a preliminary and final judging. Exhibiting brands nominate their products prior to Expo West and samples are sent to the New Hope Network office in Boulder, Colorado. In round one, New Hope Network editors whittle hundreds of nominees down to a select group of finalists across 23 categories. From there, 23 products—one from each category—are selected as winners. The judging team is made up of New Hope Network's content team, marketing team, standards team, NEXT Data & Insights team and a panel of invited industry judges.

To check out all the winners, you can watch the recorded awards ceremony here.

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