Back in the day, dining out at a chain restaurant as a vegan meant a sad side salad and french fries. Now, there’s an increasing number of superb options at big restaurant chains across the country. (Hey McDonalds, we’re looking at you to step up on that plant-based burger front.)

Today, we’re excited to learn about a slew of Beyond Meat-filled options coming to TGI Fridays. Expanding on its partnership with the plant-based meat giant—TGI Fridays were among the first of casual dining restaurants to debut the much-praised Beyond Burger—we’re excited to learn that TGI Fridays has created a proprietary chili recipe, exclusive to the restaurant chain, dubbed Beyond Chili. In addition to this offering, customers can now try Beyond Chili Loaded Potato Skins, Beyond Chili Ballpark Nachos, and a Beyond Chili Cheeseburger. The Beyond Meat Cheeseburger has been a hit for the brand since its introduction in 2018 and will remain on the menu, as well. We’re getting hungry just reading about all of these tantalizing options. You can check out TGI Fridays’ plant-based protein menu here. (Worth noting: If you’re a strict vegan, the chili contains dairy. For a fully vegan option, you can order the Beyond Burger without the cheese.)

“We’re about making everyone feel welcome here and that means having more than one or two plant-based meat options on our menu for people, whether they’re plant-based eaters or meat-eaters,” said Sara Bittorf, TGI Fridays Chief Experience Officer in a company press release. “Plus, Beyond Beef tastes amazing, so this is something you’re definitely going to want to try. With five menu items featuring Beyond Meat, there’s something for everyone.”

We don’t know about you, but we know we’re ordering from next time there’s a chilly day and a hankering for chili strikes. (Which, as fall settles in, is pretty much every other day at this point.) Who’s excited to see so many restaurants continue to grow their plant-based protein offerings?  Do you already have a go-to restaurant chain when it comes to ordering vegan?

Happily, we think it’s only the tip of the iceberg for the plant-based movement and we sure do look forward to all that’s to come in the future. Or, well, we guess we should say we’re beyond excited..

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