When you sign up for most workout classes, it's a one-way street. You can slog through it or phone it in, or even turn it off and walk away. Not so when you sign up for a coached, live bike or run class, full of music, technique tips, and most importantly, a real live triathlon coach in your ear who will help you push yourself to go further, faster, work harder, and ultimately get fitter than you ever thought possible.

Instead of just following along to a remote and pre-taped instructor, sign up for your free class with Coach Robert, founder of Terrier Fitness (he has a thing for small white energetic dogs), and get so much more out of your workout session. He is giving away a free class to anyone who wants to try this special brand of torture and fun, set to music. It's similar to the kind of coaching session you had back in high school on the track or sports team, or that you wish you could have now, but a personal coach seems slightly out of reach these days.

The live in-person coaching along with music, intensity intervals, endurance and speed drills, and the usual spin class motivation from working out with a like-minded group of athletes is the perfect combination of motivation and hard work that will make you want to come back for more.

Robert's classes are either run sessions, done on foot, outside or on a treadmill, with the voice in your ear or they are bike sessions, done on an indoor bike (which can be a Peloton, or a road bike on an indoor trainer stand, or simply your dad's old exercycle. As long as you can move the pedals you can follow along). On the rides, Coach Robert can watch you working hard, while you keep an eye on the clock and hope that the interval is over soon. You'll learn about how to get faster and stronger (and fitter too) by changing up your cadence, using proper cycling techniques, and putting out all different effort levels, just like in most other spin classes. One thing is for sure: You'll burn more calories than just trying to spin or jog on your own.

For any new athlete, Coach Robert will comp you a free session with the code TheBeet. Just sign up for the time that works for you (choose from a whole schedule) and join the zoom on your stationary bike or Peloton or a real bike that you set up on an indoor trainer stand so you cycle in place on your normal road bike,

Check out the website, Terrier Fitness, for a full schedule of the bike and run options that are both tough and fun at the same time. Click here to see the schedule and sign up. Instead of inputting your credit card, just add the discount coupon TheBeet. If you are more of a runner, Coach Robert will lead you through an hour-long run where you get a coached and guided workout from your warm-up through your intervals through a cool down, all on zoom. Just join the class and put your phone in your pocket and follow along in your ear pods. Every run is different and he mixes in ladders, hill repeats, quick sprints, and builds, so you get faster and learn how to push yourself and recover all while enjoying it, so the time flies by.

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