The simple act of stretching in the morning can start your day off better, mentally and physically, and it's one of the easiest ways to ensure success in everything else you do for the rest of the day. Combining a few simple stretches with deep, deliberate breathing, helps jumpstart your body and deliver more oxygen to your muscles and your brain, giving you more focus and less achy soreness or fatigue all day long. Just by stretching when you wake up, you can alleviate tension in your shoulders, neck, and lower back, and improve circulation and focus all day long.

Here's how to start this ritual: Give yourself a little extra time to start your morning for 10 minutes of stretching (even if it means 10 fewer minutes lying in bed after the alarm goes off), since this one simple movement will help you feel lighter, stronger, and calmer and rev up both your digestion and your creativity.

We suggest you follow the ten minutes of stretching with an all-natural organic supplement, such as Laird Superfood's ACTIVATE Daily Jumpstart with lemon, cayenne, ginger, and lucuma. Just add one teaspoon to eight ounces of hot or cold water and sip.

The practice of stretching can be as simple as standing upright and reaching your arms in a sweeping motion, bringing your straight arms up and out to the side and over your head to touch your fingertips together while reaching as high you can. Stretch for the sky! As you reach up, inhale deeply and deliberately, and then allow yourself to exhale slowly and purposefully as you bring your arms back down, driving all the oxygen out of your lungs to feel the oxygen exchange fully. Repeat this gently 3 to 5 times, in an abbreviated Sun Salute, to get your breathing started and your blood flowing before you go to work and end up sitting for long stretches. Another popular approach is to practice a few simple yoga poses before the day gets hectic. See the three best stretches to do every morning, below.

But before we stretch, know that while people debate the best way to stretch to loosen (but not tear) muscles  (dynamic, static, active, isolated, etc.)  no one doubts that stretching itself has been proven to be beneficial. Here are three convincing studies that explain how static or dynamic stretching enhances your workout, improves your posture, and even helps to strengthen your immune system via improved blood circulation.

1. Stretching Increases Your Range of Motion During Workouts

In order to get the most from a workout, your muscles must achieve a full range of motion so the fibers are fully engaged which burns more calories. Both static and dynamic stretching increases your range of motion and mobility, according to this study.

2. Stretching Improves Posture and Reduces Joint Pain

Most people experience neck, shoulder, and back pain working from home, and certain stretches alleviate stress and take the pressure off these trigger areas. Muscles can become shortened through poor posture, spasms, or contraction, according to this study. Regardless, experiencing tight muscles is painful and causes imbalance and limited motion.

3. Stretching Helps Increase Blood Flow, Boosting Immunity and Circulation

Stretching is linked to a healthy increase in blood flow to the muscles, that's why most athletes consider stretching before, after, and during their big game. Healthy blood flow means better circulation, which helps your blood cells transport vital oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body, and gives you the best chance to fight off infection and stay strong.

Stretch in the Morning

Here Are 3 Helpful Stretches That Will Help You Feel Your Best All Day

Stretching can be as simple as reaching your fingers above your head, towards the sky, or as complex as yoga poses like the firefly pose which has your legs fully extended. But, there's a handful of stretches that are helpful for opening the joints, relaxing the muscles, and improving circulation at any level. Do these simple poses and then grab a cup of Laird Superfood Jumpstart Activate to help prime your body for the rest of the day.

1. Downward-Facing Dog 

If you do yoga, you're no stranger to this pose: Open your hip flexors and release any tension in your upper body. This position puts your hips above your heart and your heart above your head, increasing blood flow and improved circulation throughout your body. Breathe into this move and feel the opening of the hips, calves, and shoulders.

2. Warrior ll

This move is the baseline for difficult stretches but is wonderful for improving muscle definition in your legs. Holding this position for more than thirty seconds sends blood flow to your quadriceps, the biggest muscle in your legs, allowing you to flush out any lactic from yesterday's bike ride or run. Take a calming approach to Warrior ll and don't overdo it. Your knee should be aligned with your heel.

3. Triangle Pose 

The triangle pose improves digestion, stimulates the abdominal muscles and helps to relieve stress. This pose is especially important for a woman experiencing menopause because it reduces pain in your stomach as you stretch by the waist side and helps you feel cool, calm, and collected. The goal is to make your nervous system relaxed without overheating the body.

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