Soccer Star Caleb Richards Pens Book: Eating Plant-Based for Athletes

|Updated Nov 3, 2021
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Norwich City soccer player Caleb Richards' interest in veganism was piqued after watching the plant-based documentary The Game Changers. The film chronicles elite athletes who are vegan, and the positive effects that eating a plant-based has on their performance, recovery, and longevity in their sport. Featuring every type of athlete from endurance runners to tennis ace Novak Djokovic and the strongest man alive Patrik Baboumian, Richards admits that the movie didn't convince him entirely about the advantages of a plant-based diet, but it intrigued him enough to try it for himself this past January.

After a few weeks of ditching meat, Richards was sold. He told The New York Times; “I saw results. My recorded top speed on my GPS unit at training, increased by 0.5 meters per second, which is huge when it comes to sprinting,” he said. “That marginal gain alone had me convinced and feeling good about what more was to come. I was consistently having days feeling at my best and as confident as ever. Was this because of my new food choices, or was it a coincidence? I didn’t know, but I was happy with how I felt and was willing to continue.”

After experiencing these life-changing results, Richards wanted to help other athletes achieve pique performance themselves and set out to do so by writing Transition: An Athlete's Guide to a Meat-Free Diet. In an Instagram caption, he explains that the driving force to author this 56-page guide was his personal experience: "I wrote it because since I stopped eating meat, I have seen crazy results. Many friends and teammates seem confused about how to start, how they’ll feel and what there is to eat. In this book I have answered common questions and given solutions to obstacles athletes may encounter along the way."

Since his transition to a plant-based diet last January, Richards says, "I have been meat-free for 4 months. Since then, I have recorded higher max speeds on my GPS units and since lockdown have seen my endurance levels skyrocket."

Came out my comfort zone and tried something new...see my instagram for more information.

— Caleb Richards (@calebrichards_) April 26, 2020

Available at four different prices depending upon what the customer is able to pay, Transition: An Athlete's Guide to a Meat-Free Diet offers insights into "the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it can positively impact you physically."

The book's webpage reveals that it will help readers "find out which famous athletes follow this diet and jump straight into [a] 4-week plan on how to join them!" 25 percent of all book profits will go towards the UK's National Health Service.

Richards joins the ranks of all-star athletes like Chris Paul, Novak Djokovic, Olympian Morgan Mitchell and more by following a plant-based diet.