So Delicious, a leading plant-based brand for over 30 years offering dairy-free yogurts, ice creams and milks that truly live up to their name has just unveiled a line of flip-cup yogurts with mix-in toppings on one side, and creamy, coconut-based yogurt on the other. The flavors of their new Pairings Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternatives, inspired by desserts, include four indulgent offerings such as Key Lime Pie, Spiced Blueberry, Coco Almond Crunch and Salted Caramel Cluster.

With these four flavors, So Delicious is proving that you can have your dessert-- and reap the vegan probiotic benefits from it too! Priced at an SRP of $2.29 each, these 5.3-ounce yogurt containers boast mix-ins like graham-cracker crumbles and white chocolate (Key Lime Pie), blueberry granola and cardamom-ginger almonds (Spiced Blueberry), caramel pretzels and dark chocolate nibs (Salted Caramel Cluster) and coconut with almond slices and chocolate (Coco Almond Crunch).

Available on shelves nationwide, this is the most recent expansion of So Delicious' dairy-free lines in the 2020 year. Just a few weeks ago, the brand announced that they were unveiling new flavors of their beloved vegan oat milk ice cream.

In a press release, So Delicious' brand manager for plant-based yogurt Joshua Cook says, "At So Delicious, we're passionate about delighting consumers with mind-blowing food experiences made with quality ingredients. Our new So Delicious Pairings come in four indulgent, artisan flavors of smooth coconut yogurt alternative paired with carefully selected toppings perfect for a delicious plant-based snack."

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