Plant-based isn't just a way to eat, now it's a way to shop: Reebok is redefining sustainable shoes with the release of their first sneaker completely derived from plants. Who knew sneakers could be plant-based?

Reebok's high-performance, 100 percent plant-based sneakers are being released in the fall of 2020 which means avid runners who are also eco-conscious like me have a reason to get excited. The 'Forever Floatride GROW' sneaker is made out of natural and sustainably sourced materials which include castor bean oil, eucalyptus tree, algae, and natural rubber. The sole of the sneakers is made from natural rubber from rubber trees and is used instead of a less-sustainable petroleum-based rubber.

Reebok carefully researched and tested materials to ensure the high-performance sneaker isn't compromised by the eco-friendly design. So if you're a long-distant or short-distant runner, get ready for this release: These sneakers were designed for all runners.

The company's sustainability mission is for shoes to be "made from things that grow' rather than petroleum-based plastics. By 2024, Reebok products will be free of virgin polyester, which is a non-renewable and non-biodegradable resource.

Reebok first changed the way sneakers are made with their lifestyle collection 'NPC UK Cotton + Corn,' a 75% USDA certified bio-based shoe. This casual sneaker is made from cotton, corn and castor oil. These sneakers are only available online for $90 and will be delivered in 100 percent recycled packaging. These are the perfect sneakers to dress down any outfit without jeopardizing comfort.

Reebok's most recent plant-based sneaker is a readapted version of their crowd-favorite shoe, the 'Forever Floatride.' The sneaker, renamed 'Forever Floatride GROW,' will come in a fitting neutral that the brand lovingly calls "earth tones".

The 'Forever Floatride GROW' is plant-based, stylish and (according to Reebok) high-performing. I'm expecting big things from this company and can't wait to try out these Reebok sneaks! Reebok is an innovative company leading the way in sustainability and hopefully, their competitors take note and follow their direction.

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