Quorn is a plant-based company known for its range of meat alternatives derived from mycoprotein, a naturally occurring, high-fiber fungus that contains all essential amino acids. The company, which carries both vegan and vegetarian options, has now added a vegan pepperoni to its deli range.

Called Vegan Pepperoni Satisfyingly Simple, this new product is vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. The UK-based company distributes to many countries around the world and is actively expanding its meat alternatives. Since the Vegan Deli range launched in 2018, the range includes Smoky Ham Free Slices, Chicken Free Slices, and now the Vegan Pepperoni. These meat alternatives are allowing people to go meat-free without feeling like they are missing out.

“Interest in vegan diets continues to build momentum. We launched the Quorn Vegan Deli range to meet this demand by providing quick, tasty, and sustainable options for lunchtime sandwiches and salads and convenient evening meals,” said Gill Riley, Marketing Director at Quorn Foods UK. “Vegan Deli products are growing significantly, from a value of £1.9m in 2018 (or 2.2 million dollars)  to £15.5m (18 million dollars) this year, and it's because of this success that we're introducing a Vegan Pepperoni to the Quorn Deli range, offering shoppers more choice and opening up the category."

Quorn's new Vegan Pepperoni will be available starting this month in the UK for an SRP of £2.20.

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