Queer Eye's interior designer Bobby Berk recently gave us a peek at his day-to-day at home when he sat down with USA Today to share his quarantine journal. Turns out, it includes a lot of vegan meals, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, because some of his past furniture collections have included animal-free materials such as velvet and vegan leather. Since he's sheltering in an Airbnb with his husband Dewey, his trainer and chef Zach Morgan and Zach's wife Sarah, after waking up he gets to enjoy being coached through a workout and cooked delicious, healthy plant-based meals.

A few hours after his morning workout, he likes to tuck into breakfast, as he has "been doing intermittent fasting every day, so it's usually a late breakfast. My husband and I have been doing a lot of experimental cooking. We’re not vegans, but we try to eat vegan as much as possible. He made this really cool vegan "egg breakfast": it looks just like a fried egg, but he used a squash to make the yolk. And it looks like there’s salmon avocado toast on the side but it’s actually sliced up carrots that he soaked in dill. Very good."

Besides dabbling in vegan dishes, Bobby does say that the one thing he eats regularly is fish, rather than red meat or chicken, which he's been trying to find different plant-based ways to flavor, including "a great cream sauce that Zach made with cashew milk: he made a roux and added chopped up celery and peas in it over a white fish. We’ve also been trying to order out and keep supporting the local restaurants around us. There’s a really great taco place in the neighborhood, so we’ve been ordering from them a lot." Over on trainer and chef Zach's Instagram, he shares the recipe for his favorite take on vegan tacos, made with pulled jackfruit, avocado and red cabbage.

Besides acting as sous chef to Zach while he's in the kitchen cooking up plant-based masterpieces, Bobby is filling his days by creating content for brands remotely, and his nights with Netflix (like many of us) and Lego-building with his husband. On his Instagram, Bobby shared his tips for working-from-home in a video below, to help increase your productivity and get you into a routine. To take a peek inside Bobby's plant-forward kitchen, check out his pantry essential list here.

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