Although Oatly won our hearts, this pea milk deserves a special honorable mention for being a crowd-pleaser and healthful, with a big protein punch and skim-like consistency that those of us who prefer a thinner texture will enjoy. There are two big differences in Ripple Pea Milk compared to Oatly Oat Milk: First, you notice the taste of peas is stronger than the taste of oats in oat milk. Second, the texture is a bit thinner than oat milk. Finally, pea milk packs 8 grams of protein, more than double that of oat milk. So if you need extra protein, pack in the peas.

Bottom Line: Best in cereal, coffee, or smoothies. The pea milk lacks some of the sweetness of the others so if you’re avoiding carbs, this is a good choice. But it has a wallop of sodium, which some people who work out a lot and sweat out their salts may not mind but anyone worried about their sodium intake may consider avoiding.

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