Although Oatly won our hearts, this pea milk deserves a special honorable mention for being a crowd-pleaser and healthful, with a big protein punch and skim-like consistency that those of us who prefer a thinner texture will enjoy. There are two big differences in Ripple Pea Milk compared to Oatly Oat Milk: First, you notice the taste of peas is stronger than the taste of oats in oat milk. Second, the texture is a bit thinner than oat milk. Finally, pea milk packs 8 grams of protein, more than double that of oat milk. So if you need extra protein, pack in the peas.

Bottom Line: Best in cereal, coffee, or smoothies. The pea milk lacks some of the sweetness of the others so if you’re avoiding carbs, this is a good choice. But it has a wallop of sodium, which some people who work out a lot and sweat out their salts may not mind but anyone worried about their sodium intake may consider avoiding.

Ripple Pea Milk, Original
Give Peas a Chance!






Tasty & Satisfying
No Aftertaste
As Good As Real

Editor's Take

This milk is the perfect texture for coffee—slightly creamy and super smooth. On its own, it's pretty refreshing—and yes, it's made from yellow peas! With 8 grams of protein, it's a great choice for after a workout or anytime. If you're not interested in a little added cane sugar, look for an unsweetened variety, but overall, the nutrition facts make this milk alternative a winner.