You want to hate the new girl, the one who moves here from Sweden with the perfect skin and silky hair and then she turns out to be funny, self-deprecating and smart and you can’t help but immediately welcome her into your circle and think: Why didn’t she show up earlier? We LOVE her. That’s Oatly. This milk is the newcomer to the shelves, and it turns out to be a game-changer. If you’re moving away from dairy and embracing the non-dairy milk habit, this one might be the closest to what you’re used to drinking. Its texture is creamy and smooth with a hint of natural sweetness, just like regular milk. There is no need to add any sweeteners, and that’s why it works great with coffee or cereal, and it would make even more delicious your oatmeal, giving it a creamier consistency than making it with water.

Bottom Line: All of our taste testers finished this milk with their cereal and wanted another pour to drink by itself. It was a unanimous winner. We voted this milk alternative as the best but keep reading because there are plenty of other great choices, especially if you’re looking for less creamy options. And with 5 grams of fat, it's got staying power that'll keep you full for longer, too.

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