The outlier here is this tasty but thick chocolate milk which we honestly bought by accident. Still, our tasters lined up to have a sip because it reminded them of their childhood treat. We loved it but would not drink it often because of the overwhelming sweetness. If you reach for a chocolate fix daily, then this is a great go-to. Make popsicles or a chocolate protein shake. Drink it straight out of the glass and give your sweet tooth something to talk about. It tastes like the Horizon chocolate milk you stab the straw in, except creamier. The best way to describe the taste is a thick chocolate milk, almost like a smoothie or a melted and chilled chocolate pop, with a hint of banana. We could only take one bite of the cereal and wanted to drink the rest of the milk, separately. If you’re a chocolate lover and want healthier options, this milk alternative is for you. Overall, we wouldn’t use either of these kinds of milk for cereal. Try making a protein shake and add a spoonful of peanut butter.

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