Personally, this is our favorite almond milk brand, since it has the perfect combination of taste and nutrition. All of our taste testers agreed. It’s similar to real milk: creamy and smooth, but it has a refreshing-yet-subtle almond taste. If you’re an almond milk latte fan, we recommend using this brand because your latte foam will have a thicker texture. We tried this milk in comparison to the 365 Unsweetened Almond milk and there wasn’t a huge difference, but we would prefer to eat cereal with Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk because of its milk-like texture with a hint of almond.

Bottom Line: The Califia Almond Milk gets high marks in both the taste and the health categories for being low in calories, carbs, and fat yet high in calcium. If we had to pick an overall winner, this would be it!

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