This week marks the inception of a new global women's network focused on vegan women and led by Australian founder of Vegan Business Media, Katrina Fox. Described as "a global ethical leadership community for vegan and plant-powered women." The Plant-Powered Women's Network (PPWN) aims to connect women from around the world who share three common aspirations: Becoming ethical leaders in their fields, becoming the best version of themselves and embracing their unique talents.

While Fox had hoped to unveil the PPWN at a launch event, due to the coronavirus pandemic it was not possible, but she acknowledges that because of the global crisis, "I feel that now is the perfect time to do this, because now, more than ever, we need ethical leaders who champion vegan and plant-based living that’s good for people, animals, and the planet. It’s clear that we can’t go on the way we have been. And we sure as heck need more smart, capable, passionate, compassionate, self-developed, empowered females doing this!"

The Plant-Powered Women's Network's Mission

The PPWN seeks to connect women with common ideals, and strives to offer resources to them by providing "inspiration, practical support, resources and networking to help you become a leader in your field." By joining, members will get invited to attend live webinars and listen to interviews with prominent plant-based women at the top of their respective industries, as well as virtual networking events, online training courses and gain access to curated articles, video and audio content. Fox says more offerings will be added after launch.

Fox acknowledges she hesitated to call the group a 'vegan' network, instead opting for the term "plant-powered" because "not everyone loves [the term vegan] as much as I do. And while I definitely want to ditch the negative connotations around the world, I also want this membership community to be as inclusive as possible, so that’s why I’ve opted for plant-powered." To join the new community, click here to sign up at a reduced membership fee of $99 for a year's subscription, which launches in June, when the regular price becomes $150.

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