Plant-based brand Lavva, known for its Pili nut yogurt, is expanding into the non-dairy milk and creamer industry. Lavva Plant Milks and Creamers will launch nationwide in September and October of this year exclusively at Whole Foods Market and will be made with the same Plii nut base as the yogurts.

Lavva’s new Pili nut-based milk will include Unsweetened Plant Milk and Chocolate Plant Milk with an SRP of  $5.49, and the brand will also be launching an Unsweetened Plant Creamer with an SRP of  $3.49.

These plant-based milks and creamers are part of a movement of more sustainable alternatives to dairy and even set a higher standard for other plant-based milk, as new products are made with minimal ingredients and do not contain any added sugar, even the Chocolate milk is only sweetened with dates.

“Lavva recognized a need in the market to create more sustainable plant milk that was just food from its source. Front there, we spent countless hours experimenting with combining Pili nuts and real food ingredients to create a product without vegetable oils, processing aids or added sugar found in other leading brands," said Liz Fisher, CEO and Founder of Lavva in a press release. "We’re proud that our Unsweetened Lavva Plant Milk only has three ingredients, one of which is filtered water. The mouthfeel and flavor comes from the nut itself."

Pili nuts are a sustainable food source because they only require rainwater to sprout and grow. These nuts are found in Southeast Asia and are known to prevent soil erosion and restore land that can be affected by the volcanic activity in the area. Wild Pili trees also encourage the process of natural pollination without chemicals. These nuts are a kinder and more eco-friendly option to dairy, and the Lavva brand works directly with small farmers in Southeast Asia for their Pili nut supply.

Look out for these three new products launching this fall in Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

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